John Rudy Park Furmeet - Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Just a simple, local furmeet at an outdoor park; a chance to hangout.

Event Group: YCF, (York County Furs)

Organized by: Lupus96
John Rudy Park Furmeet Info
Thanks for visiting!
John Rudy Park
400 Mundis Race Rd, York, PA 17406

Bring whatever you like to this event, except for weapons of course. All are welcome, just try to stay polite and positive for all those who are joining. Fursuits allowed, but not mandatory. Bring games or food if you wish.

In case of bad weather, this event will be postponed to the 11th of March

Also, while I may purchase snacks/drinks for the event myself, I will not buy EVERYTHING myself. I'd be up for buying the soda for example, and someone else could tend to snacks/food, another could buy punch/water, and maybe someone could bring balls/Frisbees or whatnot. I may also bring a board game. Hard to say. PLEASE mention if you're gonna bring anything.

Also, I'm thinking we do this at The Bluebird Pavilion, (Pavilion I on the map below), as it's away from the playground but in an open area, and near restrooms, dog areas, and so on. You may bring dogs if you like, but of course be responsible. AND, if Pavilion I is taken, there's still J or K to use for us.

Since I will be reserving a pavilion AND getting an artist to do badges for us, expect to pay a $5 admission. Most of the money will go directly to the artist, who will be attending.

Hope to see you folks and furs there.

Be sure to RSVP below!

Oh more thing, as ridiculous as it may sound, I'll need someone to drive me to the park that day and back home or close to my apartment. I'll ask closer to the date who would be able to drive me.
AND, if the first event is a success, the limit will be increased by no more than 10 for the next round.
Attendee List For John Rudy Park Furmeet
  1. Lupus   (Suit and some soda)
  2. AvoidedCat74   (no)
  3. Prince Taburyk
  4. Stonoga Tusenbein   (No suit, candies, snacks.)
  5. ComatoseWolf   (Suit is a maybe if its finished in time, snacks)
  6. ShawnBB   (No suit)
  7. OtterlySilly   (No suit)
  8. Albi   (Suit. May bring fruit or something :))
  9. Kai profile   (Possibly suiting. Will bring chips or snacks)
  10. Cricket profile   (Suit, may bring needed supplies)
  11. Radvengence   (No)
  12. Leostarr Rasalgethi profile   (Suit partial. Bringing baked macaroni & cheese.)
  13. Leonard
  14. James Ferret   (Yes, if available)
  15. Kes Waffle   (Suit)
  16. Kodakrome   (Suit, probably cookies)
  17. Diesel Whiskers   (suiting, I can bring food or drinks)
This event is limited to 30 RSVPs. There are currently 13 open slots left.
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(It is now 4:40 AM on Tuesday, February 21, 2017)
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