Sushi Sunday #7: Kani House Woodstock - Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 6:00 PM

So sorry! RSVPs are currently closed.
Kani House in Woodstock, our lucky #7 meet.

Event Group: Strawberry’s Meets

Organized by: Skunkify
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Sushi Sunday #7: Kani House Woodstock Info
It’s time for Sushi Sunday!

• WHERE: Kani House in Woodstock, GA

2455 Towne Lake Pkwy #110

• WHEN: 6:00pm Sunday, July 25th

• WHY: lets monch down on some feesh

IMPORTANT: ONLY those who have confirmed they’re fully vaccinated to @skunkify and signed up beforehand may attend.
Attendee List For Sushi Sunday #7: Kani House Woodstock
  1. Strawberry Skunk   (habadegada)
  2. Livid Folf   (grrrr)
  3. Rhunya   (òwó)
  4. null   (wuff)
  5. Bunker   (Mahna mahna)
  6. Ember   (Wuff)
  7. Ember's mate Charles   (Wuff)
  8. Kyo   (Nya)
  9. Alenia Cearth   (Aaaa~ you are the cutie.)
  10. Rayve   (*fusky noises*)
  11. TrebleDoggo   (n o o k)
  12. Spruce is a Tiger   (BJØRKEN)
  13. KiGU   (boop)
  14. Kami profile   (BorK)
  15. Tenebrae   (o3o)
  16. Matt   (Blue)
  17. Nile   ((Eh, Bjark))
  18. Hex (HexFlame2046)   ((awoo?))
  19. Merritt
  20. Clyde Collie
  21. Bean
  22. Nezu nuki
  23. Goldfish Goddess
  24. Nezu’s Roomie
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