Wild Rumpus Pumpkin Picking - Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 11:30 PM

Pumpkin Picking at Moods Farm

Event Group: Wild Rumpus NJ

Organized by: Marlowe
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Wild Rumpus Pumpkin Picking Info

October 13th, ~11:30 ~ 2:00 PM

Moods Farm

General Information

We invite you to join us for an afternoon at Moods farm for the Wild Rumpus annual pumpkin picking meet.

"Pumpkin hayrides include a ride to the pumpkin patch, picking a small pumpkin, a drink of apple cider, and an apple cider donut. It is a family friendly ride with many fun, silly, and scary (but not too scary) things along the path" - Description on Moods website.

The hayride will be starting at 12:00, so you need to get there and be ready, preferably 10 minutes or more before then.

There is a limit of 20 people, so be sure to register early and make sure you have a spot.


Moods Farm
901 Bridgeton Pike Mullica Hill, NJ 08062 (Elk Twp)


Will there be fursuiting?

This is a fursuit friendly event! Just be aware that this is a public place with no changing facilities.

Does it cost anything?

The cost for this event is $8.55, tax included. You may also want to bring some extra money to get more Apple cider and donuts to bring home.

I will be paying for the group up front, so you can either pay me at the event with cash or

Pay here ==> paypal.me/GespentWolf

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Don't hesitate to contact us on twitter (@WildRumpusNJ) or email us at wildrumpusnj@gmail.com!

As always, the Wild Rumpus group is dedicated to providing a fun and safe space for all sorts of furries!  Please be on your best behavior and be kind to your fellow fur.

Attendee List For Wild Rumpus Pumpkin Picking (Cash: 9; Paypal: 9)
  1. Mishka profile   (Cash)
  2. Gespent / Kyle   (Cash)
  3. Vani   (Paypal)
  4. Anzu   (Cash)
  5. Twitch   (Cash)
  6. Gealach profile
  7. Doodle   (Paypal)
  8. Lvan   (Paypal)
  9. Berlin profile   (Paypal)
  10. Veronica rezende   (Cash)
  11. Evan   (Paypal)
  12. Denden   (Paypal)
  13. Kofi booooy   (Paypal)
  14. Faunte   (Paypal)
  15. Leanna Malure profile   (Paypal)
  16. ZipZap   (Cash)
  17. Moth   (Cash)
  18. Lore   (Cash)
  19. Kenzie   (Cash)
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