CANCELLED Fur and Field Day - Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Come out for a party in the park!

Event Group: Wild Rumpus NJ

Organized by: Marlowe
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CANCELLED Fur and Field Day Info

June 23rd, 12:00-6:00 PM

Historic Smithville Park & Smith's Woods

General Information

We invite you to join us for a Wild Rumpus party in the park! Come out for some delicious food, fursuiting, silly lawn games and of course, some furry friends! The park itself has a lot to offer too, be sure to check out it other attractions!


Historic Smithville Park & Smith's Wood

803 Smithville Road

Mt Holly, NJ  08060

We have rented a pavilion to contain our shenanigans!  It is the trail pavilion to the bottom right of this map:



Will there be fursuiting?

This is a fursuit friendly event! Just be aware that this is a public park with no changing facilities.

What are the food options?

We will be grilling hot dogs, burgers and a vegetarian option, as well as providing light snacks and beverages. Feel free to bring something to share as well! NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, PLEASE.

Does it cost anything?

This event can only be run with donations, we would appreciate a $10 donation to assist with covering food and the rental space.


We understand that isn’t always possible so please donate what you can.

What should I bring?

Because this is an outdoor meet, be sure to bring sunscreen and maybe a towel to sit on. Sketch books never go amiss and as previously mentioned, feel free to bring food to share!

Still looking for furry fun?

Check out Dashingfoxie's South Jersey bowling meet!

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Don't hesitate to contact us on twitter (@WildRumpusNJ) or email us at!

As always, the Wild Rumpus group is dedicated to providing a fun and safe space for all sorts of furries!  Please be on your best behavior and be kind to your fellow fur.

Attendee List For CANCELLED Fur and Field Day
  1. Sai Bree   (Yes, I'll be grillin')
  2. ZipZap profile   (Bringing coolers, Ice, and drinks!)
  3. Vani   (Ill try and bring pasta salad)
  4. Denden   (not sure yet. something yummy)
  5. Bjorn Valentine   (possibly bring: water, maybe some chips)
  6. Wynston T Wolf   (Coleslaw/Potato Salad)
  7. Aszlvm   (Not sure! Somethin good~)
  8. Piney   (Pop chips, maybe.)
  9. Anzu   (Chips or juice)
  10. Angel   (Yes, I'll bring something good!)
  11. Uri   (Not sure yet!)
  12. Mishka profile   (brownies! Maybe..>w>)
  13. Kiba Wolf   (something)
  14. Amedrinix profile   (MONDO Squeezers!)
  15. Dakota   (Paper plates)
  16. Water rabbit
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