Boardwalk Night - Saturday, April 29, 2023 at 3:00 PM

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Arcade Games, Rides, the Beach, Food, and More!

Event Group: IronGut's Field Trips

Organized by: IronGut
Event Schedule
Date Title Description RSVP Max
Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 5:00 PM Annual Pinball Party Wizards Abound! -
Wednesday, October 18, 2023 at 4:00 PM Wednesday Night Slot Cars! It's Race Time Ya Fuzzbutts! -
Boardwalk Night Info
Part of the series of meetups at fantastic places around Central NJ during the summer.  Come join us for a night of fun at the Keansburg Boardwalk, Amusement Park, and Arcades!  Ok, granted, the idea is to spend most of the night at the Arcade and all go get food at some point during, but hey!  YOU go do whatever you like!  The park is super small and therefore really hard to lose people at for very long, and there's plenty to do and fun to have!

Take a walk on the beach!  Ride the rides!  Play the Carnival games!  Find IronGut at the Arcades and learn how to beat the machines!  Race the Go Karts around!  Go for a few swings at the Batting Cages!  Or just suit up and down the boardwalk and give hugs to all that want them!  You can even go visit the Waterpark and spend time there if you don't mind the cost!

Chat with the Meetup regulars and host on the telegram group Telegram Chat

Light to full Fursuiting is ok!

275 Beachway Ave, Keansburg, NJ 07734
Recommended parking in the lot behind the amusement park, the entrance to which is next to the batting cages.  $7 for all day parking per car there.

- 3pm - Meet at the park entrance

(next to the batting cages on the East end of the Park)

- 6pm - Eat food at one of the main park restaurants. 
(Usually the Pavilion Grill on the West end of the park, so meet there if you miss the initial gathering at the start of the meetup and can't find anyone)

Attendee List For Boardwalk Night
  1. misfitroo
  2. Tex Wolfy
  3. IronGut   (The Shark Himself :P)
  4. Kaiserina
  5. Tyler Adam
  6. Panzerthecat
  7. “Dirigo”
  8. Charlie Dunbar profile
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