Peachfuzz Potluck! - Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 12:00 PM

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Annual meet at Red Top Mountain!

Event Group: Peachfuzz Official Events

Organized by: Bryn Husky
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Peachfuzz Potluck! Info
WHERE: Red Top mountain State Park - Exact location will be provided as event gets closer WHEN: Saturday, September 24th. We will try to meet up at around 1 PM. It’s finally time! For the Peachfuzz potluck! Group members are welcome to bring whatever they’d like as long as there is enough to share with everyone. Specific items will be assigned in the private telegram group chat. Fursuiting WILL be allowed! However, it may still be on the warm side so I strongly recommend Partials or heads only. If there are any questions, please reach out to @Brynhusky, @DeltaRedWolf or @FerretFoo!
Attendee List For Peachfuzz Potluck!
  1. @GneralLeeGr8   (No)
  2. Bryn   (Maybe)
  3. Fiefie   (Maybe)
  4. Ari   (maybe)
  5. GAMERx125   (No)
  6. Koze   (No)
  7. FerretFoo   (No)
  8. Raynor   (No)
  9. DeltaRedWolf   (Yes)
  10. Scope Creep   (No)
  11. Puck (formerly Ember)   (Maybe)
  12. Pioneer   (No)
  13. Zeke_Vesheer   (No)
  14. NileKemet   (Probably)
  15. Jake Bay   (Yes, probably)
  16. Ark Sykran   (No)
  17. Xayr   (Maybe)
  18. Valence   (No)
  19. Kougie   (No)
  20. Scotchie :3   (No)
  21. Slapne   (No)
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