Rahway Furry Picnic - Saturday, June 17, 2023 at 11:00 AM

Rahway River Park

Event Group: Pawsouls Furry Picnics

Organized by: Pawsouls
Rahway Furry Picnic Info
Please join us for a fuzzy filled day at the park!

From BBQ, to socializing, fursuiting and games/activities 

The event will be on 
Saturday, June 17 from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm at

Rahway River Park
3 Parkway Drive
Rahway, New Jersey 07065

Keep a eye out for the Furmeet Flag to indicate the picnic spot

We will be providing food and activities for everyone. To help continue these, there will be a fee that will be collected before the furmeet or upon arrival.

$10 per person 
$15 for sponsor
 (this includes a small goodie bag with park-related items)

This helps covers food, snacks, drinks and games. If you wish to bring anything, please indicate below or contact @pawsouls on telegram. Such stuff is very much appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Fursuits are not required but highly encouraged!
This will be held during pride month so with that, we welcome the use of pup hoods, flags/capes and more that express who you are!

A Furmeet photo will be taken towards the end of the furmeet, we will update on a exact time later on as the meet comes closer

  • This will be out in the public so please keep things family friendly. 
  • You will be asked to leave if you make a scene or make others feel uncomfortable.
  • Please do not bring alcohol into the park as this can lead to fines.
  • If you feel overheated or see someone may be needing help, please let anyone on staff know and we will make sure to help anyway possible
  • DO NOT LITTER, there will be trash cans and/or bags around so please keep the area clean to prevent issues with park rangers
  • We will not be held responsible for any missing/lost items as this is held in a public park.
  • Do not feed the wildlife around the park (the furries will be fed but that not the wildlife we mean)
  • Keep drama out, this is a event to enjoy with friends both new and old
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to pawsouls on telegram.
Attendee List For Rahway Furry Picnic
  1. Paw Souls   (Host)
  2. Grey The Wolf   (Sponsor)
  3. Charlie Dunbar profile   (Sponsor)
  4. Waaaaafle :3   (Sponsor)
  5. Flint   (Regular)
  6. Grunger Fox   (Regular)
  7. Zeno The Zebra   (Regular)
  8. Dirigo   (Sponsor)
  9. Karl (Enzo)   (Sponsor)
  10. Shockwave   (Regular)
  11. Zion the Lion   (Regular)
  12. Atu Fox   (Regular)
  13. Smexy$Falcon   (Regular)
  14. Zephyr   (Sponsor)
  15. Rico Ro-Ni   (Sponsor)
  16. Cullayss   (Super Sponsor)
  17. Ravioli profile   (Sponsor)
  18. Chris the Husky   (Sponsor)
  19. Hwhishphurrh   (Regular)
  20. Koi   (Regular)
  21. Torrance   (Regular)
  22. Jude Castor   (Regular)
  23. Azazel   (Sponsor)
  24. Fawn / 3R15(Eris) profile   (Sponsor)
  25. Dodger profile   (Sponsor)
  26. Kazuki profile   (Sponsor)
  27. Batsy TK   (Sponsor)
  28. Harken Stoat   (Sponsor)
  29. Valerio Rowe
  30. Rodney   (Sponsor)
  31. Rob Dayson   (Regular)
  32. Falconeio   (Sponsor)
  33. Astus   (Sponsor)
  34. Lucky   (sponsor/ food cook)
  35. Mothie profile   (Sponsor!)
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Registration will close at 11:00 AM on Saturday, June 17, 2023.
(It is now 7:47 PM on Wednesday, May 31, 2023)
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