D&B Furmeet Back In The 90s - Saturday, March 4, 2023 at 7:00 PM

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Dave and Busters furmeet

Event Group: Dave and Busters Meet Ups

Organized by: Pawsouls
Event Schedule
Date Title Description RSVP Max
Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 7:00 PM D&B Furmeet Candy Factory D&B at Woodbridge Mall 61
D&B Furmeet Back In The 90s Info
Join us for a night of fun with food, gaming, and fursuiting! This is a private room event so we will have our own private area where we can eat, suit up and socialize away from the public, but you are welcomed to explore out in the arcade at any time.

Date & Time: March 4th, 2023 
7 pm till closing
(Please arrive on time or you might miss out on the food)

Location:  274 Woodbridge Center Dr, 
Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095

Please note this is a family friendly event and we will still be interacting with the public once outside the private room. 
Leave any and all drama at the door, if any issues arise, you will be asked to leave
Please do not travel outside to the arcade area alone when in fursuit, always have a handler or others to ensure safety for everyone

Traveling from afar? There are dozen of hotels and motels around the area to make your furmeet day trip more fun and relaxing.  Please make arrangements ahead of time.

Deadline to pay for the event will be February 28, 2023

If you need to back out after payment, you have until February 20th to inform me and be refunded. Any back-outs after this date will not be given a refund due to money already being given to the venue under contract for your spot. 

Any goodies (sponsors and super sponsors) can be shipped out after the meet if you cannot make it and paid for either of these tiers. 

Basic- $85 entry to the private room, badge, food & gamecard

Sponsor- $95 entry to the room, badge, food, gamecard, ribbon, goodies

*NEW* Super Sponsor- $105 everything above + furmeet shirt

(You can purchase a shirt apart as well by March 1st +$10)

Please contact @pawsouls on telegram to pay for your spot, note that until you have paid, you are not fully confirmed even after rsvping. You can contact with any questions or to pay.

Attendee List For D&B Furmeet Back In The 90s
  1. Paw Souls   (Hosting)
  2. Fenrir// Hermod   (Super sponsor will get)
  3. Zero/Zephyr   (Super Sponsor)
  4. Waaaaafle :3   (Super sponsor)
  5. Cullayss   (Super Sponsor)
  6. Kyber profile   (Sponsor)
  7. Beeton   (Super Sponsor)
  8. Flint profile   (Sponsor)
  9. ThomasPuddingHyena   (Super Sponsor)
  10. Snooze   (Super sponsor)
  11. Bobby   (Regular)
  12. Lucky profile   (Super Sponsor)
  13. Astro   (Super Sponsor)
  14. Falconeio   (Supah Sponsah)
  15. Tommy   (Sponsor)
  16. Charlie Dunbar   (Sponsor)
  17. Aspen Lynx   (Super Sponser)
  18. Arctic The Wolf   (Regular)
  19. Bennett Campbell   (Regular)
  20. Darrius Kupo   (Sponsor)
  21. Lance   (Super Sponsor)
  22. Shy Matsi profile   (Super Sponsor (2XL))
  23. Spencer   (Regular)
  24. Shane Fluffbutt   (Super Sponser)
  25. Synchro profile   (Sponsor)
  26. HaedFox   (Super Sponsor)
  27. ZenoTheZebra   (Regular)
  28. Windy Wolf   (Regular)
  29. Grunger Fox   (Regular)
  30. Lenaki   (super sponsor)
  31. Robert Dayson   (Regular)
  32. Luka Dalmatian   (Regular)
  33. Jasse   (Regular)
  34. Tezla Insanity   (Super Sponsor (Medium))
  35. Rufus profile   (Sup sponsor)
  36. Mikethehound   (Super Sponsor)
  37. ox   (regular)
  38. LARK Fox   (Super sponsor)
  39. Koi   (Regular)
  40. Drewski The Yosh   (Sponsor)
  41. Korvu   (Regular)
  42. Darius Dragon   (Regular)
  43. Keltu profile   (Regular)
  44. Fauna   (Regular)
  45. Hwhishphurrh   (Super Sponsor)
  46. Steele   (Sponsor)
  47. Grey The Wolf   (Regular)
  48. Yeenoghu   (Regular)
  49. Dirigo   (Super Sponsor)
  50. Freezie Berry profile   (Regular)
  51. Gator   (Regular)
  52. Shard Wintreswolf profile   (Regular)
  53. Tripp/Zona profile   (Regular)
  54. Panzerthecat   (Regular)
  55. Kappn Hunter   (Regular)
  56. Moon | Mickey   (Sponsor)
  57. Fade   (Regular)
  58. vexom   (regular)
  59. Chiaki Nanami   (Regular)
  60. Valerio Rowe
  61. TJCoyote
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