Phillipsburg Mall Meetup - Friday, December 14, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Hang out, do your quirky holiday shopping, and grab some pizza/Italian food

Event Group: Northwestern NJ Furs

Organized by: Luc Folf
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Phillipsburg Mall Meetup Info
Have some holiday shopping to do, but can't find enough furries to go with? Live in northwestern NJ and can't find any furmeets to go to? Need something to do on a Friday night?

Join me at the Phillipsburg Mall (as seen on Dan Bell's "Dead Mall's" series on YouTube!) on Friday, December 14th for food, hanging out, and some shopping. It's like the 90s, but with Wi-Fi, since I think that's the last time they updated the decor in the mall! (Yes, they have wifi, I have no idea how good it is, I've never bothered using it.) Official meet start is 6pm, but I'll be there early. Mall closes at 9pm, but there's other places to go in the area afterward if desired (i.e. Panera, bowling alley, Quaker Steak, Applebees, etc).

Food (Bruno's Pizza & Italian) is open until the mall closes at 9pm. They have some vegetarian and gluten-free options if you ask, although I'm not personally familiar with the extent of those, but they're really nice people.

As far as shopping, there's a handful of typical mall places like a Kohls, Gamestop, soap place, etc. Of more interest, are a record store and the "antiques mall," which has a much more varied selection than antiques implies--comic books, toys, stuff as recent as 10 years old, some new handmade stuff. For more information, check out their website (note they have 3 locations, this is for Phillipsburg). Also, be aware that they close at 8pm, an hour before the rest of the mall.

A Few Guidelines to Note
- This is a public space, people bring their kids here, so please conduct yourselves accordingly.
- Given the location, this is an all-ages meet. Don't do anything dumb.
- This isn't really a fursuit-friendly location. Maybe it's something I can explore down the line if this winds up being popular, but for now leave your suits at home. Besides, do you really want to change in a mall bathroom? (Ears and tails at your own discretion, but bear in mind the antiques place has some tight areas, so tails may not be a good idea in there.)
- No weapons. As far as I recall, the mall bans them, and I don't want them at my meets anyway.
- If you don't play nicely, I'll give you a reminder; if that's not sufficient, I'll ask you politely to leave.
- I honestly don't expect to need to refer to this stuff, but you know what they say--better safe than sorry! Please consider that this is a place we might want to make a regular meetup location, and even if not, I frequent this mall since I live in the area, and I'm probably at Bruno's pizza once every week or two. I'd like to be able to continue going here!

I recommend going to the going to the right when you enter the mall parking lot, toward the end where Taco Bell and Friendly's are, and parking near the entrance with the banner for Bruno's pizza. Once you go inside, Bruno's will be ahead on the right, at the corner. If you do park elsewhere, don't worry, it's not a very large mall, and it shouldn't be too hard to find us.

Please RSVP so I know to expect you--looking forward to it!
Attendee List For Phillipsburg Mall Meetup
  1. Luc Folf   (Host)
  2. Christian Miller (Calvin the Skunk) profile   (Imma skunk!)
  3. Kovy   (Arrive with the skunk)
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