NJ Furry Beach Meet 7/24 & 7/25 - Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 2:00 PM

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Clothing Optional - Gunnison Beach Meets 2021

Event Group: Sandy Hook and other NJ Beach Meets

Organized by: ShyMatsi
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NJ Furry Beach Meet 7/24 & 7/25 Info

NJ Furry Beach Meet 
Sandy Hook Beach
(Clothing Optional) "Gunnison Beach" Meet 2021

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  • JULY:  24, 25
  • AUGUST: 7, 21
  • SEPTEMBER: TBA (Depends on weather)

Pictures of past Beach Meets

Returning to the beach! 
Hey! It's been a while! Hopefully everything has been well with you and your loved ones during this difficult time with the Pandemic, Economy, and other hardships. 

With my own furry events, I will be following the CDC Guidelines and keeping up as best I can with their recommendations. 

As an outdoor event, COVID19 risk is low. That said, social distancing and mask wearing will still be encouraged (especially furry ones). Vaccinations are now open to all NJ residents over the age of 12. So please, if you are not vaccinated, go to the NJ COVID19 Vaccine Registration website (https://covidvaccine.nj.gov/en-US/) and register for your shot(s) at your local sites. There are some pharmacies in retailers that even accept walk-in appointments. 
For those that are vaccinated, please keep in mind that not everyone around you may be fully vaccinated and that the vaccinations are not 100% effective.

Some info about Gunnison: Gunnison Beach is one of several beaches that are part of the Federal Gateway National Recreation Area in central New Jersey, located on Sandy Hook, a six-mile-long peninsula across from the entrance to New York Harbor. Sandy Hook is known for exceptional beaches, wildlife, and fishing. Gunnison Beach, overlooked by the historic Sandy Hook Lighthouse, has dramatic views of lower Manhattan and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Nearly two miles of Gunnison Beach is legally recognized as clothing-optional, with official signs and full lifeguard and police protection; it is the largest clothing-optional beach on the Atlantic coast of the US, and draws more than 5,000 visitors per day on most sunny summer weekends.

Time: 2:00pm - till we are done (We are usually done around 6pm and pack up for dinner at Chiafullos). You can arrive as early as you'd like, but I will not be there until 2pm. (better parking after 2, and free parking after 4:30) Between the hours of 9am and 2pm, traffic is bumper to bumper, especially on the nicer days. 

Where: Gunnison Beach (Area G) (follow the signs) at Sandy Hook Park in Sandy Hook/Atlantic Highlands, NJ Garden State Parkway Exit 117, to route 36 South (12miles), to the beach! (Once you past the Beach Entrance, Gunnison is a good 4miles down the road!)

Gunnison Rules: They have a lot of new rules. Big ones that effect us: No Alcohol. No Pets. No Smoking. No Tents.
The beach is Clothing Optional, if you aren't comfortable taking them off, that is fine, but be aware that nude people will be visible. 
This is a family beach (kids are around), so no adult behavior (Sexual activity and lewd acts on the beach is a Federal Crime at this location, and the National Park Rangers will arrest you).  No inappropriate behavior is allowed. Please keep in mind that some of us enjoy being nudists and do not do this for sexual reasons, while arousal may happen, keep your paws to yourself and do not goggle at someone that may not want that type of attention.

Meet Spot: Better meet spot directions, demanded! Here you go! When you arrive on the beach, look for the flags! You'll see a Bright Orange one with a black paw on it! (Thank you Lupine Fox, Soma Cat and Shortwave P. Husky!), Thats usually us! It's really hard to miss! :) I do have my cell phone on me that I try to check often. Message me on telegram if you still can't find us.

Necessities: Sandals!! Along the beginning of the beach there may be a lot of hot sharp shells, once you walk out there it is a nicely combed beach, but before that, the shells can be bloody murder on your feet.. bring your sandals! Don't yell at me saying I didn't warn you!! Suntan/Sunblock lotion should also be used :) It's also a wonderful place for artists to sketch.

Parking: $20 every day. But this is avoidable, by carpooling or waiting till parking is free! When carpooling everyone should pitch in a few dollars. Parking is free before 7am (morning early birds need a parking pass from the ranger station which is the entrance.. so you'll get one.. just have to be sure they give you one...) and after 4:30pm.. So if you want to wait till 4:30pm to come to the beach, no worries, come on after 4:30pm.

Contact info: @shymatsi on Telegram

Accommodations Location: Traveling and need a place to crash? Furs will be staying at local hotels. Directions will be provided at the meet.

LifeGaurds: LifeGaurds are on duty from 8am till 6pm.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Message Shy on Telegram. 
Attendee List For NJ Furry Beach Meet 7/24 & 7/25
  1. RSVP not required, just show up profile
  2. Shneppie profile
  3. Badger   (At least the 24th)
  4. Blaze profile   (Will be going on the 25th)
  5. PaxtonRaze profile   (Will be going on the 25th)
  6. Twilight   (24th (hopefully))
  7. Venita Stines   (Saturday)
  8. Anthony Walker   (Saturday)
  9. LAMAR LATIF   (Saturday)
  10. Combatspace and guest   (Saturday only)
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