Newarf NJ

Newarf NJ is a furry spin on Newark, NJ. There's a bunch of furries in the area, so the goal is to get something started so they can all connect.

Meets may not happen weekly, so check out for all the meet details.
A foodie meet will be one, starting out on wednesdays, every so often. Shy will start some foodie meets, and will be in areas with plenty of security and street parking near the university heights area, so safe and cool.

Few things to note:
This is Newark, New Jersey. Even though Shy's meets will be in the college area, he still advises against fursuiting to foodie meets.
There is no great space to change, food splatters on your pretty suit, and the college kids might be rough on fursuits.
A tail, ears, and general accessory is fine, Rutgers Newark and NJIT are no strangers to sights like that. In 2017 they had a Bear perform on stage. ;)

Code of Conduct:
Be cool, and don't bring anyone on the ban list, as a passenger or be a passenger of. If you do, you might end up on the ban list too!

Ban List:
Korrie (aka: Korrie Husky|Luka|Evil Dante|Brian|Dante Shy|ACE|Silly Puppy|evildante1989)

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