Dinner & Gift Exchange! - Saturday, December 9, 2023 at 4:00 PM

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Join Tennessee's Fur Group for dinner and a gift exchange at a local shopping centre!

Event Group: Tennessee Furs - MurfreesFurs

Organized by: Tennessee Furry Events
Event Schedule
Date Title Description RSVP Max
Saturday, January 13, 2024 at 2:00 PM MurfreesFurs Ice Skating & RAVEFURREST 4! Join us for some Ice Skating at the Fountains, then come party the night away at RAVEFURREST's 4th event! -
Dinner & Gift Exchange! Info

Merry Christmas, y'all!
Come enjoy a Christmas get-together with your local fandom!


When is the event?
Saturday, December 9th @ 4PM

Where is the event located?
Dinner: Burger Republic (1500 Medical Center Pkwy, Murfreesboro, TN 37129)
RAIN-INDUCED FURBOWL: Strike & Spare Murfreesboro (1720 Old Fort Pkwy #2002, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
How much is it?
Prices: Food is going to be ~$20/person. The optional White Elephant gift is suggested to be $25 or under.

What's the theme?
Ugly sweaters and Christmas attire!
The person with the best Christmas attire will get a $15 Amazon gift card on us.

What about fursuits?
You're welcome to suit! It's frickin' cold - bring your fur coats (literally!)

Details of our event:
Join us for a yummy dinner & gift exchange out in the city! This time, we plan to go back to the iconic Burger Republic - the same location as last year with their mouth-watering burgers and fries. We'll hang out, enjoy their outdoor fireplace tables and have some fun, then do a White Elephant gift exchange!

For this gift exchange, we suggest a limit of $25 or under, however it's not a requirement. You're welcome to buy whatever you want, but note that it can be stolen in White Elephant! We're so excited to see what y'all come up with.

Code of Conduct:
Here at MurfreesFurs, we strive to be the friendliest group you'll ever participate in, no questions asked! In order to achieve this, we have a set of rules for you to follow.
Please make sure to read these rules before participating in our group and events.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?
You can contact murfreesfurs@gmail.com for any help.
Make sure to follow us on Twitter for updates!

MurfreesFurs - Tennessee's Furry Community

Attendee List For Dinner & Gift Exchange! (Bring a gift: 21; Fursuit: 20)
  1. Cade Harrow (cayoten) profile   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  2. Cai   (Bring a gift)
  3. Dibbo   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  4. Jacob da Dook(Ranger)   (Bring a gift)
  5. Kaiser profile   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  6. Kaiser's Boyfriend profile
  7. Nova   (Bring a gift)
  8. Hyper (gift maybe?)   (Fursuit)
  9. Matticus (Hyper's BF)
  10. Ace da bat
  11. PinPan (Tail only)   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  12. Ashton Vistrom   (Bring a gift)
  13. Frosty   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  14. Yrre Brightstar   (Bring a gift)
  15. Delanee McMillan   (Bring a gift)
  16. Wyan Sauvetre   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  17. Roman
  18. mynt   (Fursuit)
  19. Dawgy
  20. Sodr   (Bring a gift)
  21. StarWing   (Fursuit)
  22. Scrabble   (Bring a gift)
  23. vodka   (Fursuit)
  24. Lucky   (Fursuit)
  25. Ricky Fox
  26. Cooper-fox   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  27. RetroGreene   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  28. Sketch-   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  29. Skylarfox   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  30. Riley boiiiii   (Fursuit)
  31. Griff
  32. Alexander   (Bring a gift)
  33. javier
  34. Reggie   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  35. Simon
  36. Traxkz   (Fursuit)
  37. Shiibii   (Bring a gift, Fursuit)
  38. Manna
  39. thatredime
  40. Sacred   (Fursuit)
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