NASHVILLE PRIDE PARADE MARCH & MEET - Saturday, June 24, 2023 at 8:00 AM

MurfreesFurs is marching in the Nashville Pride Parade!

Event Group: MurfreesFurs - TN Furries!

Organized by: Cade Harrow

MurfreesFurs is MARCHING WITH EVERYONE in Nashville Pride 2023!

When is the event?
Saturday June 24th @ 8:00AM SHARP

Where is the event located?
8th Avenue South & Broadway, Nashville TN

How much is it?
Marching is FREE! Float access is reserved to FURSUITS only.

Are fursuits allowed?
Yes! We are showing off our FLUFFY PRIDE for this parade! Please wear your fursuit. Water, snacks, and cooling items will be brought!

Details of our event:
MurfressFurs has been asked to represent the Furry Fandom in Pride 2023, so here we are! We are going to be building a custom MurfreesFurs float (which you guys get to help out in building at a later date!) and marching alongside in the parade. After the parade is over, we will clean up and then go enjoy the festival!

Aside from the parade, we will be roaming the Pride venue and exploring the area, having lunch inside there and then going to dinner after! Prepare yourself for a big day of fun in the beautiful Nashville Bicentennial Park!

Code of Conduct:
Here at MurfreesFurs, we strive to be the friendliest group you'll ever participate in, no questions asked! In order to achieve this, we have a set of rules for you to follow.
Please make sure to read these rules before participating in our group and events.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?
You can contact for any help.
Make sure to follow us on Twitter for updates!

MurfreesFurs - A Safe Haven For All!

Attendee List For NASHVILLE PRIDE PARADE MARCH & MEET (Fursuit & March: 7; March Alongside: 9; Not Participate: 1)
  1. Cade (cayoten) profile   (March Alongside)
  2. That_Lello_Dutchie   (Fursuit & March, March Alongside)
  3. Kaiser profile   (Fursuit & March)
  4. Kaiser's Boyfriend profile   (Not Participate)
  5. Rags   (March Alongside)
  6. Clovis   (March Alongside)
  7. Color   (Fursuit & March)
  8. Jairo tapia   (March Alongside)
  9. ZaeZae   (March Alongside)
  10. Jacob da Dook(Ranger)   (March Alongside)
  11. Avery   (Fursuit & March)
  12. Sophia   (March Alongside)
  13. September   (March Alongside)
  14. RetroGreene   (Fursuit & March)
  15. Blaze   (Fursuit & March)
  16. Alex Payne   (Fursuit & March)
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Registration will close at 8:00 AM on Saturday, June 24, 2023.
(It is now 5:43 PM on Wednesday, May 31, 2023)
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