Furries at the Arcade! - Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 4:00 PM

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Fun, suit-friendly arcade meet WITH DINNER!

Event Group: MurfreesFurs of Middle TN

Organized by: Cayoten
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Saturday, July 9, 2022 at 1:00 PM Furries in the Zoo! Exploring the Nashville Zoo with furs! -
Furries at the Arcade! Info

Third time's the charm - OUR THIRD MEET HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!

Gotta go back to the original fun events, of course: That's the Arcade!

Flashback Arcade (258 River Rock Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37128)
When?: Saturday, June 25th from 4-10PM (Dinner around 8?)
Cost?: $15 per person for full day
Can I suit?: Heck yeah! They LOVE the suiters - bring 'em in!

Gimme the deets!!: The Flashback Arcade is a large retro arcade with tons of fun stuff to do! They have crazy fun games like Tapper, Pacman and Jubeat, or more modern stuff such as Tomb Raider and Bike Racing sims! Wanting to have an amazing time? Come down and hang out. It's all you can play for the ENTIRE day for only $15. We also plan to have dinner somewhere at around 7:30ish, so stay tuned!

Given the success of our last meets, we can't wait to see y'all tune in. You guys are awesome - keep the Boro Pride strong!!
Attendee List For Furries at the Arcade!
  1. Ray   (Sonic or taco bell!!)
  2. Cayoten   (Cracker Barrel)
  3. Pillbug   (Cracker Barrel)
  4. BilleDKat   (I’m not picky)
  5. King/bonaroo   ((Anywhere works ^^))
  6. Luxy   (taco bell)
  7. StarWing71   (Since I'm not staying for the entirety, whatever you wish lol)
  8. Azura Wolf   (Anywhere, I just like food!)
  9. Hyper   (Anywhere honestly lol, bringing +1)
  10. Dax (anywhere)
  11. Filthy   (Somewhere we can all sit. Ill wear my head in cracker barrel aga)
  12. Matt   (Hyper's +1; Anything is good)
  13. Foxxed   (Toots! But idc :))
  14. Poggle (Foxxed's +1)
  15. trippup   (taco baco also bringing a +1)
  16. toxic   (taco bell (trippup's +1))
  17. raaket   (+1/2 - Probably won't go to Dinner)
  18. V   (Food)
  19. Draggo   ((+1 food is food))
  20. Kegawa   (Anywheres fine)
  21. Bertie   (Anywhere is fine might not stay the whole time)
  22. Shadow   (I’m on an all air diet XD)
  23. Chimes   (For the love of God anything but cracker barrel on my birthday)
  24. ValarieFox   (Toots? Anywhere is fine ^^;)
  25. Zyen doggo   (not sure lmao)
  26. Shiibii   (Not fast food please.)
  27. Fenrir   (Doesn't matter food is food)
  28. Riley   (Not Cracker Barrel lmao)
  29. AxelFoxx   (maybe food?)
  30. Koda   (Anywhere)
  31. Heretic
  32. Virgil
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