Knoebels Grove Furmeet '23 - Monday, June 26, 2023 at 12:00 PM

Another summer Themepark meet at Knoebels Grove!

Event Group: NEPA Furs

Organized by: Keaton Dawner
Knoebels Grove Furmeet '23 Info
Hey everyone, I cannot believe it but  its been 10 years since I first started hosting the Summer Furmeet here at Knoebels Grove!

Last year was quite fun as we managed to get into a larger cottage than the year before.  Money was tight but  we managed a great week to also include a fun Furmeet as well.  This year we have the  same cottage and planning continues in our Telegram group.  If you're interested in this, please use the info below and contact me. 

This year we will be hosting in late June again, and while this clashes with those wanting to attend AC, these dates will be as is for now but may change in a coming year. The plan is pretty much the same with the meet n greet and snacks n stuff followed by minigolf and then traipsing about the park BUT with a new twist!  This year shall be hosted right at the Cottage which is nestled right between the Phoenix Roller Coaster and the Knoebels Lumber Yard.

The biggest differences this change will bring are:  Private(ish) meeting place with ample seating, access to cooking facilities and refrigeration, Access to indoors setting with airconditioning, access to a firepit for campfire!  Since the area is technically off of main park's borders, Fursuiting is allowed at the Cottage area however only tails, paws, ears etc are allowed in the park itself.

In regards to the COVID-19, Knoebels has revised their policies to better protect their customers.  Masks or faceshields may still be worn while in the park.  Hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the park and frequent hand washing is recommended.  A friend of mine also suggested I post this link so you may see for yourself what is being done to keep everyone as safe as possible:

To get to the cottage since it is rather hidden:  either walk up the main roadway that cuts through the park then turn right onto a small dirt path just after the Phoenix and Gasworks OR from within the park go up the road between the left of the Log Flume and Bathroom station and follow it almost all the way to the lumber yard.  The Cottage is the last one on the left and will have a White Dodge Caravan in front of it.

If you plan on bringing food, suiting materials, etc that you dont wanna trudge through the park on a wagon or whatnot, please contact me and I'll give driving directions to reach the Cottage, but ultimately parking will be at the Employees lot on top of the hill or at the main customer parking lot.

Any questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, weird rants, inquiries, plannings, etc can be directed to me at the following places:
*best*  Telegram:  @Keaton_Dawner
Discord: Kenix Kil#0109

Updated 2-17-23
Attendee List For Knoebels Grove Furmeet '23
  1. Bean   (My killer charm ??)
  2. Kianna Mwaipopo   (Probably a fursuit and vacation necessities)
  3. Heather rothrock
  4. Joseph Evans
  5. Raven Evans
  6. Kiaya Evans
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