Knoebels Grove Meet 2020 - Monday, August 3, 2020 at 12:00 PM

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A family-friendly FurMeet at Knoebel's Amusement Park

Event Group: NEPA Furs

Organized by: Keaton Dawner
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Knoebels Grove Meet 2020 Info
Hey everyone!  Man what an insane year THIS one has been!!  I've been caught between a money-pit vehicle, changing careers, and now the Carona outbreak!

In regards to the COVID-19 state of emergency, Knoebels has now revised their announcement and changed the opening date to July 3rd for their summer season.  I'll be paying close attention to the updates from here on since this isnt too far off from our meet, and post updates as they become available.  This said, theres still no affect to the meet date.  Everyone in my household has tested positive for the COVID19 antibody and we've completed our quarantine and everyone has recovered nicely.  Thus far no severe medical problem have arisen due to this infection.  Also none of us have started shuffling around with a hunger for human brains!

At this particular time, please feel free to sign up and plan for a brighter future full of fun and FurMeets!  If anything should change to alter or cancel this great meet, I'll be sure to keep this posting updated.  Unless the park itself calls and refunds my reservations, I'll not be cancelling.  Do be advised, it should go without saying that being this close to opening, you should still bring your masks and perhaps a pocket-pack of wipes or sanitizer just in case :p

The meeting place will be our usual spot at Pavilion D near the giant Ferris Wheel as seen here  If for some reason this area is taken, we'll have weird people in ears and tails looking for other people in ears and tails to flag them to the new location XD  One way or another, we always find eachother!

The meet will start as close to noon as possible...sometimes we hang around a touch for folks waylaid by traffic, weather, or other unforseeables.  Rides, attractions, foods, and more are all to be had at Knoebels.  If you've never been before, admission is free, parking is free, pavilions are free, live entertainment is free, and free water via fountains and such.  Monday they feature a ride-all-day bracelet or you can go old-skool and purchase ride tickets.  The most wonderful thing of this park is its flexibility to fit nearly any budget.  

After the initial meet n greet we march across the park to the golf course for a round of minigolf (if you're broke, np's we always chip in so everyone can participate!) and afterwords either split up into smaller groups or stick together and hit the park.

As per park rules, suiting is sadly not allowed, however tails, paws, ears etc are fine so long as they adhere to ride safety stipulations when riding rides.  

The meet n greet is a short portion of our day, but if you feel like bringing a bag of chips or a 6-pack of soda or some such, please do!  

So if you've joined us before or are a newcomer, we'd love to have you for a day of furry fun and excitement at Knoebel's Grove, and have an exciting or relaxing day with a great group of folks!  ^.^

Updated 6-03-20
Attendee List For Knoebels Grove Meet 2020
  1. Oddeofreq   (maybe cookies)
  2. Kaitlyn Fernandez   (Pasta salad.)
  3. Maxim
  4. Ba Tarkus   (To Be Determined (and a helmet for mini golf))
  5. Heart Wolfdragon profile   (Probably Chips and/pretzels)
  6. Raymond Schur   (Nope)
  7. Kitt   (Brownies)
  8. Gus Shepherd
  9. Rebecka Morales   (Maybe bags of chips)
  10. Ross   (Diet root and birch beer case each)
  11. Serina   (Not sure yet)
  12. Josh   (Also not sure)
  13. Kassandra Fernandez   (Unsure)
  14. Lavender profile   (Gatorade)
  15. Kipcha Mamoru profile
  16. Nick aka.Drako   (Possibly)
  17. Dr. Maxwell Wolf   (I'll surprise ya!)
  18. Samantha Kinkaid   (Helping Oddeofreq make cookies)
  19. Lucid Dreaming   (Soda or chips maybe ?)
  20. Clatter   (Chips)
  21. Flare/Snowflake profile   (Probably chips or soda)
  22. Dookly Rivers   (IDK)
  23. Comet   (Like 2 bags of the chip mix)
  24. Kaitlin Kearney /JustAKat   (soda maybe)
  25. Kerry Kearney
  26. Steve Diem
  27. Dud3 W0lf
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