Roadside Adventure: April - Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Our 4th Roadtrip meet

Event Group: NEPA Furs

Organized by: Keaton Dawner
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Monday, June 24, 2019 at 12:00 PM 2019 Knoebels Grove Furmeet A family-friendly Furmeet at Knoebels Grove Amusement Park -
Roadside Adventure: April Info
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Hey everyone!  Continuing on with our monthly meets, April's is pretty cool and rather relaxing and filled with all sorts of goodies and crafts and culture

Last year I was roped into driving a whole bunch of folks down to Philly for some festival there, and while I didnt really have a frame of reference then, I do now and its GREAT!

The Sukura: Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival in Philadelphia is a pretty decent-sized outdoor/indoor festival that takes place at their Horticultural Center in Fairmont Park.  Along with all the staples of a festival (Fried foods, Midway Games, outdoor live entertainment)  They also have many culturally specific craft events, and displays making it an interesting and educational experience as well.

Their hours are 10a-5p, but due to the distance some will have to travel, lets start at noon near the small gazebo up the hill from the main entrance.  Admission is $15 per adult, children under 12yo are free.  Last year we made the mistake of dressing briskly since the day started decently enough, but soon fell to near-freezing temps and most of us froze our tails off that day!! 

As for Fursuits...well...They are TOTALLY allowed and encouraged!  Bring your suit!  Be aware its outdoors and if damp, may be muddy in spots.  There's tons of families there and everyone knows how touch kids can get, especially with floofy looking things!  Honestly last year, the suiters were treated like celebrities and I'm pretty sure they had a blast just from that alone

I drive a van with comfy seating (and storage) for about 6-7 passengers.  While I cant pickup everyone, I can at least offer rides to as many as I can fit, so if needed, feel free to ask and I'll see if I cant hook ya up!

So come on out and join us for a day of fun!
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