5th Annual Knoebel's Grove Meet - Monday, June 19, 2017 at 12:00 PM

A Furmeet and Romp through an amusement park, part 5

Event Group: NEPA Furs

Organized by: Keaton Dawner
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Monday, August 27, 2018 at 12:00 PM 2018 Knoebels Grove Meet A family-friendly Furmeet at Knoebels Grove Amusement Park -
5th Annual Knoebel's Grove Meet Info
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Hey everyone!  WOW Its been 5 years already?!?  Yeesh where does the time go??  Well despite changing jobs, financial issues and my horrible terrible amazingly unimaginably crazy luck, I'm still here holding this annual meet XD

Due to friends convincing me to try out the new Convention in Philly this year, we moved this meet a couple months earlier before AC kicks off.  I'm hoping this wont deter too many folks.  

As always, we'll be meeting up on the edge of Pavilion D next to the HUGE Ferris Wheel as seen here:

We meet up soon after the park's opening (Officially Noon) and take time to meet everyone and get acquainted and have some snacks to get us ready to hit the park!   Afterwords we head to the Minigolf course for the annual golf-off and then onto the park.  Since we've grown more and more year after year its been getting harder to move as one group, so dependent on attendance, we may peel off into smaller groups or stick together through thick and thin ^.^

So if you've joined us before or a newcomer, We'd love to have you for a day of furry fun and excitement at Knoebel's Grove! 

We've learned from past years that suiting is frowned upon by the park, however ears, tails and such arent a problem, but DO remember that the park for the most part is not paved, and there's TONS of children that love poking, pulling, etc on odd or colorful things :p   (As well as ride safety protocol if the item presents a safety hazard while riding)

Feel free to bring some snacks with you for the meet portion, though the park does have plenty of places to grab noms for a fair price.  Also Free Parking, Free Pavilion use, Free park entry, you need only pay for food, ride tickets, and extras like minigolf or mementos.  If you're strapped, we can chip in to try and get everyone into group activities such as golf, and thanks to the park's military veteran policy, a few extra tickets to help out are always available!   :)

So come join us!  Have some fun!   Meet new people!   And have an exciting or relaxing day with a great group of folks!  ^.^
Attendee List For 5th Annual Knoebel's Grove Meet
  1. Umi   (Ill try and bring water!)
  2. Bean profile   (Will try to bring water)
  3. Kipcha Mamoru profile
  4. Glitch Flux   (If im reminded by squirrel in time)
  5. Nagisa   (Things)
  6. Edvin   (Water and Assortment of Chips)
  7. Trace
  8. DrakotheDragonian   (Fruit punch, Ring Bologna platter)
  9. OddBall profile
  10. Skirtandzy
  11. Hazel   (Cookies)
  12. Kell
  13. Jem Nighthawk
  14. Rose profile   (Canned tea)
  15. Good Shepherd
  16. Micki (tagging with/Rose)
  17. oddeofreq profile   (we shall see)
  18. darktiger   (hopeing to come if i can find a ride and will Will try to bring)
  19. Lupus profile   (I'm interested but my attendance depends on if I can get a ride)
  20. Zeb UrsoThera   (Depends on work)
  21. Beta   (Something, not sure yet)
  22. Brittney Snowpaw   (Will see)
  23. AmorinoDelfino   (If I can get a ride I'll bring soda)
  24. Legend
  25. Ba Tarkus Schizofur IV   (depends on work.)
  26. Tac Redfox   (if can make it can bring tunes)
  27. Ryan   (Coming on behalf of a high school media company to interview)
  28. Finrod Dahrk   (Veggie and or Desert platter ^w^)
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