Meat Meet - Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 7:30 PM

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Iron Age Duluth - Korean BBQ

Event Group: c~h~a~o~s

Organized by: Spruce is a Tiger
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Meat Meet Info
Who - Vaccinated people, as verified in the Surch chat.

What - Iron Age Korean BBQ. We sit around a bunch of tables with built-in gas stoves and cook extremely delicious meats.

Where - Iron Age Duluth - 2131 Pleasant Hill Rd Ste B3 - Duluth GA 30396

When - Saturday, June 26 at 7:30pm.

Why - Its the rawring twenties.

How - Get vaxxed, join the Surch chat, DM Strawberry Skunk your (name-redacted) vaxx card, and sign up here by the 19th (one week in advance). We will enforce vaccination status for our reserved tables strictly, per the overwhelming group conscience of the Surch chat.
Attendee List For Meat Meet
  1. Kigu Bean   (Birthday Poss)
  2. Spruce is a Tiger   (AWWOOOOOOO)
  3. Strawberry Skunk
  4. Alenia Cearth   (Awoooo~)
  5. Merritt   (Awoo fosho)
  6. Goldfish Goddess profile   (BLUB.)
  7. Cinna
  8. Kyo   (Pawgers)
  9. Bean   (*incoherent noises*)
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