Board Game Night at the FWAffice - Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 4:00 PM

So sorry! RSVPs are currently closed.
A night if board games and fun shenanigans at the FWAffice.

Event Group: georgiafurs

Organized by: GeorgiaFurs (4tb)
Event Schedule
No upcoming events have been scheduled for this group.
Board Game Night at the FWAffice Info
Please RSVP! Event details can be found at Ping either @aurali or @fourthebear on telegram for more information.
Attendee List For Board Game Night at the FWAffice
  1. 4tb profile   (Yes!)
  2. Croix
  3. FunByte   (Five Tribes)
  4. skippyfox profile   (Forbidden Island)
  5. Kittrel profile   (Mice & Mystics)
  6. Unuson (Jax)
  7. Hyperion   (Catan)
  8. Marius "Shusky" profile   (Go Nuts for Donuts)
  9. Hammy profile   (Cards against humanity)
  10. Aledri   (The one I almost win!)
  11. Pyxel   (Root)
  12. Diesel   (Werewolf! (im bringing my own deck))
  13. Skippyvee   (Root)
  14. Momo   (Cards against humanity)
  15. Crysm   (Terraforming Mars)
  16. Lorne Chrones profile   (Terraforming Mars)
  17. Luna profile   (Dnd)
  18. Slaevek profile   (Tales of the Arabian Nights)
  19. Robert blackmon
  20. Nova Arkane
  21. Kyo   (I like games)
  22. Marco the Dingo profile   (*notices your board*)
  23. Star kris   (Checkers)
  24. Carl Bacon   (Balderdash)
  25. Rain Fallen
  26. Bean   (Cards against humanity)
  27. Merritt   (Cards against humanity)
  28. nullhund
  29. Atlwolf   (Cookies)
  30. Sashimi   (Good Dog Bad Zombie)
  31. Ember   (CAH)
  32. Cinders
  33. David Fetters (Kota)   (Cards against humanity)
  34. Patrick Thompson   (Shadow Hunters)
  35. Dax Oderon (Terraforming Mars)
  36. Laith   (Risk)
  37. Jennifer Matternes   (cards against humanity)
  38. Alex   (yahtzee)
  39. Deeleebop   (cards against humanity)
  40. Jemma   (Mysterium and Cards Against)
  41. Xenos Blade
  42. Mej   (Fiasco)
  43. Tommi Cat profile   (DnD)
  44. Zypher   (They're all good)
  45. Kyris
  46. Treefox (Kem)   (terraform mars)
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