Halloween Bar Crawl: Tour Of Europe - Saturday, October 31, 2020 at 6:00 PM

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Hit the town and get drunk Halloween night

Event Group: Fru Fru's Epic Room Parties

Organized by: Fru Fru The Fox Fairy
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Halloween Bar Crawl: Tour Of Europe Info
This event is part of the Halloween Mini Con in Jersey City

Unfortunately due to coronavirus travel restrictions, Americans are currently barred from visiting Europe. However, we can still create the experience here. Join me for an evening of food, drink, and fun as we visit the following bars and restauraunts:

Bistro La Source (French)
Porto Leggero (Italian)
The Lutze (German)
Taste of Poland (Polish)

Possibly other places time permitting

This event will begin after the fursuit walk, and will end roughly 10:00pm. As to not interfere with other events going on at the time, location updates will be shared via telegram so that folks may leave and rejoin the crawl at any time. Feel free to get in touch with me on telegram @frufruthefoxfairy

Attendee List For Halloween Bar Crawl: Tour Of Europe
  1. Fru Fru The Fox Fairy
  2. Misfitroo   (misfitroo)
  3. Sockhop Skunk   (@SockhopStinkerSkunk)
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