January EFM Furbowl - Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Bowling Furries! Monthly Furbowl at Limerick lanes!

Event Group: EasternFurMeets

Organized by: Ryuu AKA Figment
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Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 5:00 PM October EFM Gaming Furries Console, PC, Table Top Gaming and More! -
January EFM Furbowl Info

Limerick FurBowl

The first meet of the New Year! I am so happy to report that EFM is returning to monthly Furbowls at Limerick Bowl!

Saturday January 13th (2nd Saturday)
  -  6:00 pm until 8:30 pm (At the bowling alley)
  -  9:00 pm - whenever! (At the diner)

Bowling Alley
653 W. Ridge Pike Limerick, PA 19468
Limerick Diner
411 W Ridge Pike  Limerick, PA 19468

(Bowling) - $8-10 / person for 2 hours of bowling and bowling shoe rental
(Diner) - Whatever you order (all guests get their own check at end of meal)

Currently we have the last five lanes reserved so we are right by the rest rooms and doors.  If more then 25 people sign up for bowling more lanes will be reserved so don't worry!  Bowling is not required, but playing a few games in the arcade or grabbing a soda from our friends at the food stand will be greatly appreciated by our host.

More info on the alley can be found here, http://www.limerickbowl.com/

After bowling we will be going down the street to the Limerick Diner for some hang out time and good food!  Once the lanes are closed we will promptly leave for the Diner.  PLEASE!  If you plan to attend the diner make sure you say so on the RSVP so we can call ahead and give a proper head count.  This will minimize wait time and make the waitresses and my life easier.  The diner is literally a right out of the alley parking lot and less then five minutes down the street and on your right.  You can't miss it!

Important Info:
-  Suiting IS allowed and encouraged at the bowling alley.  They provide us with a room to use to store our totes at as well as pitchers with water and cups for suiters and other attendees.
-  The Diner does tend to take a while when we have large groups (please plan accordingly!) This does mean that it can often take 30-60 minutes from ordering until food is served.
-  We will be attempting to resume taking group photos!  We will announce the photo times during the night - please pay attention!  If you like to contribute photos from the event please contact at EasterFurMeets@gmail.com with your photos so we can credit you!

Please make sure to review the EFM code of conduct and rules before signing up.

Limerick FurBowl 

Questions?  Please contact us here!
  -  Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/467056566645575/) or search EFM - Limerick PA Furmeets)
  -  FA (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/easternfurmeets)
  -  Twitter (@EasternFurMeets)
  -  Telegram (@PAEasternFurMeets or https://t.me/PAEasternFurMeets)
Attendee List For January EFM Furbowl (Bowling: 15; Limerick Diner: 20)
  1. Ryuu (The Host!!) profile   (Limerick Diner)
  2. Darkwolf profile   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  3. Luna Lyte profile   (Limerick Diner)
  4. Arc Flash Fox profile   (Limerick Diner)
  5. Verin profile
  6. Alveus Caesarea   (Bowling)
  7. Strithor   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  8. The Yokai Fur profile
  9. TiggyCat profile   (Limerick Diner)
  10. Gurei-Ookami   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  11. Iroc   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  12. Dj Whitetail   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  13. Some idiot named Loki I think   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  14. GoldenTabs profile
  15. Elementfox profile
  16. BlueScale   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  17. Kith   (Limerick Diner)
  18. Neo Seadrake   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  19. Sorotassu   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  20. Spikes   (Limerick Diner)
  21. Gar'th   (Limerick Diner)
  22. Trek   (Limerick Diner)
  23. Drool   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  24. Soupy Wolfdog   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
  25. Avalon   (Bowling)
  26. Coyder profile   (Bowling)
  27. Aegis!   (Bowling, Limerick Diner)
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