9th Annual Halloween Party! - Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Spooky Scary Furries, Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

Event Group: EasternFurMeets

Organized by: Ryuu AKA Figment
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9th Annual Halloween Party! Info

Resident Ryuu's FurParty


October is the month for scary things, free candy and most importantly, PARTIES!  This October, RyuuYouki is extending an invitation to all of EFM for her famed Annual Halloween Party.  Anyone who has been to one of Ryuu's parties knows it is the place to be when things go bump in the night.  From 6-10pm the party will be available for all EFM members to enjoy.  However, after 10pm it becomes a private event so please make sure to vacate the premise by 10pm if you haven't received said invite. Ryuu and her family are kind enough to include us so don't overstay your welcome!

Just like last year, this years party will be held in Douglassville to accommodate all things furry.  Large back yard, bonfire, music, food and games!  And as always, Ryuu's Halloween parties are dry so it is fun for the whole family!

The enclosed gazebo will be food central.  We will have hot dogs, meat balls, sausage, pasta and buffalo chicken dip on the hot plate and the cold plate will have BLT dip, ranch dip, ring bologna, cheese and veggies.  We will also have the standard chips, cookies and of course candy.  Don't forget cold drinks!  Those will be in the Pepsi fridge.  And of course, marshmallows for roasting over the bonfire.

Party games are always a must.  Bobbing for apples is an old classic so expect to get wet and have some laughs!  Another party favorite is our Party Themed Pinata!  This years theme is Resident Evil/Zombie Apocalypse so theme your costumes appropriately!  Ryuu LOVES Resident Evil so don't disappoint her!  Random yelling of Chris and Boulder Punching is highly encouraged!

Of course, all good things come at a price.  In order to attend this breath taking event it is asked that you donate a minimum of $10.  (This party tends to cost upwards of a $1000 or more so it is appreciated!)  Also, its Halloween so you MUST show up in costume!  And no silly shirts that say "This is my costume"  I wanna see some effort people!  Other then that, all that is asked is you have a good time and stay safe.


When and Where!
October 14th
2399 East Main St
Douglassville, PA 19518


Please make sure to review the EFM code of conduct and rules before signing up.

If you have not read the CoC you will NOT be allowed to attend and your name removed from the list.
Attendee List For 9th Annual Halloween Party! (I've Read the CoC: 24)
  1. Ryuu (The Host!!)   (I've Read the CoC)
  2. Bliss/Loki (THE BOULDER PUNCHER)   (I've Read the CoC)
  3. TiggyCat profile   (I've Read the CoC)
  4. Arc Flash Fox profile   (I've Read the CoC)
  5. Rose profile   (I've Read the CoC)
  6. Lady Shy   (I've Read the CoC)
  7. Squigley fox   (I've Read the CoC)
  8. Squigley Fox's friend   (I've Read the CoC)
  9. Randy ringtail (I've Read the CoC)
  10. Alpha derg   (I've Read the CoC)
  11. Andy   (I've Read the CoC)
  12. YUUKI HELLO YES! profile   (I've Read the CoC)
  13. ESibe   (I've Read the CoC)
  14. Sam (they/them/their)   (I've Read the CoC)
  15. Ria profile   (I've Read the CoC)
  16. Static fawx
  17. Raloh   (I've Read the CoC)
  18. Static fawx   (I've Read the CoC)
  19. Dante   (I've Read the CoC)
  20. Makai   (I've Read the CoC)
  21. De-jay the blue falcon   (I've Read the CoC)
  22. Sabre Supersonic   (I've Read the CoC)
  23. Kieren   (I've Read the CoC)
  24. Kohaku   (I've Read the CoC)
  25. That RoboFucker   (I've Read the CoC)
  26. Soupy   (I've Read the CoC)
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