Mid Peninsula Meetup 1 - Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Dinner Meetup At the Ginger House

Event Group: Delmarva Fur Meetups

Organized by: Okamooki
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Mid Peninsula Meetup 1 Info
This event for furs in the southern peninsula to have a chance to get together and meetup.

The meetup will be held At the Ginger House Restaurant in Salisbury, MD

We will meet up at 5:30 before going in.
if you want to hang out before hand there is a retro came store and a comic book shop in the same shopping center.


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Attendee List For Mid Peninsula Meetup 1
  1. Brade   (Just a local gaming nerd ferret looking for more local furs)
  2. Mythic profile   (Local Salisbury fur, student at SU. I make videos!)
  3. Okamooki   ((Berlin fur trying to find locals))
  4. Jonathan Pilchard
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