Coyder's Parlor Tea Tasting and Furmeet - Friday, February 10, 2023 at 5:40 PM

Gathering at my place

Event Group: Coyder's Parlor

Organized by: Coyder
Coyder's Parlor Tea Tasting and Furmeet Info
Hello Fellow Furs!

After the success of the first Tea Tasting, I will be planning these on a quarterly basis! Some things have changed, so below are the next dates, times, and itinerary:

February 10th-
May arrive between 6:30PM to 9:00PM
This night games, chatting, meetup, fursuiting, and sleep over!

February 11th (Most Changes)-
For those that slept over, between 7:30AM and 8:30AM we will be leaving for Shady Maple. If you do not arrive by this time we will be entering as the whole group who slept over arrives. We will not be waiting for anyone to keep the ball rolling!

Once we eat, will check out the local antique/flea market along with the rock and fossil store. 

The tea tasting will start around 2:30PM.
After the tea tasting, we plan on getting pizza. Hopefully the Domino's will be open. 
May also sleep over this night as well!

February 12th
For breakfast, if group agrees can do the Sunday Shady Maple (Yoder's)

Close up is at 12PM-2PM.

Things ya can bring:
Stuff for sleepover (sleeping bag, toothbrush, towel, the usual)
-I do have a bed couch and some could sleep with me, also have a cot for 1 person
-I will let ya know if you get a "ticket" for rights to the Master Bedroom for sleeping in cot or sleeping bag.
Switch (if you have it)
Fursuit (if you have it)

Please message @coyder on telegram for address and let him know you are going!

NOTE - I realized that, after hosting the first one, these things are expensive! You DO NOT need to pay me at all, but I will say donations ARE appreciated. :3

Attendee List For Coyder's Parlor Tea Tasting and Furmeet
  1. W0NDERDAWG   (Not 100% sure yet.)
  2. Hwhishphurrh   (Yes)
  3. Rocky Salvador   (Going Friday & Saturday)
  4. Maxamilion
  5. Nicholas Moretti   (All)
  6. Arid   (Probably both nights)
  7. Meis   (Friday)
  8. Red Vulpine
  9. Caius   (All (might change later)
  10. Gray Night Wolf   (All)
  11. Eerie Silverfox   (Unknown)
  12. TwitchSwitch   (Yes)
  13. Murry   (All)
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