South Jersey Furry Picnic - Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 2:00 PM

An outdoor fursuiting event and picnic at Mercer County Park

Event Group: South Jersey Fur Meet

Organized by: Dashingfoxie
South Jersey Furry Picnic Info
Greetings Furries from South Jersey and beyond!! Join us for a lovely day in the park gathering with fellows furs and enjoying the BBQ and other activities such as hiking, picnic games, etc. 

We will be hosting the event on Saturday, May 1 from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm at Mercer County Park on Valley RD Titusville in Hopewell Township NJ 08560

The cost of this event is $15 per person and that includes hot dogs, hamburgers and partaking in fursuit games (although fursuit not required).  In addition, please bring your favorite dish and/or soda and soft drinks.  Please do not bring alcohol into the park.

As COVID 19 Precautions, we strongly encourage the wearing of masks, but not required and if you are feeling or having any symptoms of sickness, please do not attend this event.  We will provide paw sanitizer for your safety.

In addition, please remember you are in a public park with families around, so keep it safe for work.  If you have any questions, please contact DashingFoxie or WynstonWolf on Telegram.
Attendee List For South Jersey Furry Picnic
  1. T-sol the tiger (aka (James)) profile   (Eating)
  2. Wynston Wolf   (Eating)
  3. Arid (uncertain) profile
  4. Dashingfoxie   (Food)
  5. Chevron   (Eating)
  6. Gabe The Fox   (Eating)
  7. Dakota Wolf   (Triple chocolate cupcakes)
  8. Cooper the Wolf   (Chips and dip)
  9. Quasai   (some pizzellas (Italian cookies))
  10. FruFruTheFoxFairy
  11. Fenrir//Hermod   (Probably both if I make it)
  12. SmexyFalcon$$   (Possibly A Large Pizza and Bake goods)
  13. Twilight   (Food or Desert)
  14. GibblesTheWolf   (Soda Drinks!)
  15. Illumination City   (Water)
  16. Fairfox   (Eating)
  17. Ferric   (Eating)
  18. Jay The Gryphon   (Prepackaged Airline Snack Bags)
  19. Grunger Fox   (Mtn Dew/Doritos)
  20. Shadow the Wolf   (Queso)
  21. Sif   (Mac n cheese)
  22. Callie
  23. Ryder P. Barkalowe   (Chips and salsa)
  24. King bluetator
  25. Panzerthecat   (dunno yet. will figure that out later.)
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Registration will close at 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 1, 2021.
(It is now 8:12 PM on Saturday, April 17, 2021)
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