South Jersey Furbowl - Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 8:30 PM

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South Jersey Furbowl Event (Bowling only)

Event Group: South Jersey Fur Meet

Organized by: Dashingfoxie
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South Jersey Furbowl Info
Hello Furries!  Feeling like you've been missing the out on the furry fun?  Well, worry no more!  We are going to have another FurBowl!  That's right!!  And right before, we will also have our dinner event for those interested (prior to bowling).

But first we also have good news!!  For those of you traveling from afar, we have obtained a room block for you at a close by hotel so you can chill/sleep/party after the bowling event is over.  So if you have friends from out of town who are unsure about coming, let them know they have somewhere to stay for the night.

Address of hotel is:

Hyatt Place Mt. Laurel
8000 Crawford Place
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey 08054

Google Map directions to Hyatt hotel is HERE


The group rate will be $119 for single beds and for the double beds are $129
The hotel room block is now open you can call in make a reservation at this number (856) 840-0770 or 

link here   group rate for the hotel here 

[xx/xx/19] is when it closes


For those interested in dinner (prior to bowling), we have a separate RSVP link set up below.
Please RSVP [here]

After dinner, please come join us for an awesome night of bowling.  Bring your fursuits and/or your able selves!  Come play a few rounds of bowling, and meet and greet other furries.  Bring your cameras as there will be plenty of great memories for you to take photos of.  A changing room will be provided to allow you to change and hold any of your belongings.


Bowling will take place between 8:30pm to 11:00pm at

Laurel Lanes 
2825 NJ-73 
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Google Map directions to bowling arena is HERE

Please note this bowling event does require a fee:
- All you can drink sodas and teas will be provided
- $12 if you do not plan to bowl
- $17 if you plan to bowl

Payment is to be collected upon arrival at the door, but I can also take payment prior to the event (send me a message so that I can I provide a PayPal)


Please join and post in the South Jersey Furries Meets chatroom on Telegram (@SouthNJ_Meets) if you have any questions.
Telegram group link:

Hope to see you all there!

Be sure to RSVP below!
Attendee List For South Jersey Furbowl (Bowling: 57)
  1. Dashing foxie profile
  2. Lunar Eclipse
  3. Cooper the Wolf
  4. Atu   (Bowling)
  5. Astro the Werewolf profile   (Bowling)
  6. Friday   (Bowling)
  7. Rico Ro-Ni   (Bowling)
  8. Nyla
  9. WhiteWolfCommando   (Bowling)
  10. Levi <3
  11. Sinclair
  12. Tokala Macrowolf profile   (Bowling)
  13. TiggyCat profile
  14. Kai Wolf
  15. Gabe Fox   (Bowling)
  16. Tripp Red Pandog profile   (Bowling)
  17. Crimmy   (Bowling)
  18. Zaturn husky
  19. Randall deh cabbit   (Bowling)
  20. ZipZap profile
  21. Dumont the Kind Wolf
  22. Inktail profile   (Bowling)
  23. Rustypaw profile   (Bowling)
  24. Fluxoplux
  25. ZenoTheZebra
  26. Theed   (Bowling)
  27. Juni profile
  28. Cerberus   (Bowling)
  29. Mike
  30. James Ferret profile   (Bowling)
  31. Cizkaro   (Bowling)
  32. Grizzlee O. Stryper   (Bowling)
  33. Zundi
  34. Kali profile   (Bowling)
  35. Brindle
  36. Tuners profile
  37. Waffle   (Bowling)
  38. Flint   (Bowling)
  39. Amo   (Bowling)
  40. King (SSB_Dudley)   (Bowling)
  41. FurFoxSake   (Bowling)
  42. Breadley Floof   (Bowling)
  43. Squ1d
  44. Whale
  45. Wynston Wolf
  46. Hwhishphurrh   (Bowling)
  47. Elious   (Bowling)
  48. Kiba Wolf
  49. Lafayette
  50. Twilight   (Bowling)
  51. Grunger
  52. Sotix Shep profile
  53. Cellmate profile
  54. Flinch profile
  55. Fuscus
  56. Hypr Fox   (Bowling)
  57. Hue profile
  58. Alex/Twi Sparkle
  59. Panthrakage (Tentative)   (Bowling)
  60. Wolfinite   (Bowling)
  61. Dev profile
  62. Frix drago
  63. Amarys
  64. Paw Souls
  65. Variscite profile   (Bowling)
  66. Callie
  67. Gumball
  68. Shy Matsi profile
  69. Lenaki
  70. Isari
  71. Anzu/Ravage
  72. Sirus profile   (Bowling)
  73. Moo   (Bowling)
  74. XokTheFox profile
  75. Panzerthecat   (Bowling)
  76. Bunraku   (Bowling)
  77. Kon   (Bowling)
  78. The Aegis Fox-Like Thing Yay!   (Bowling)
  79. Raikeira
  80. Jesha
  81. W0NDERDAWG profile   (Bowling)
  82. vavor
  83. Gishmo
  84. Lightning_Flash
  85. mac
  86. cruor   (Bowling)
  87. RaffyRaven   (Bowling)
  88. Static Snow   (Bowling)
  89. Capt. Roo   (Bowling)
  90. Atlas profile   (Bowling)
  91. Axo profile   (Bowling)
  92. Tush profile   (Bowling)
  93. Areio profile   (Bowling)
  94. Mezarim
  95. Cookie
  96. Kelryn
  97. Randal
  98. Randy Ringtail   (Bowling)
  99. Zephora @BlueSaberCat   (Bowling)
  100. Maxine Wolf   (Bowling)
  101. Zuma
  102. Aspen
  103. Britt|Jules   (Bowling)
  104. Rasheek   (Bowling)
  105. Zach
  106. TJCoyote   (Bowling)
  107. Amedrinix profile
  108. Chocyeti profile   (Bowling)
  109. Reizbirb
  110. Reconcile profile
  111. Eerie Twilight Silverfox   (Bowling)
  112. Renton   (Bowling)
  113. Darksteel   (Bowling)
  114. Coop Dog
  115. Adam Bayer
  116. ForesterFox
  117. Lavender
  118. Delphiki   (Bowling)
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