South Jersey Summer FurBBQ - Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Summer BBQ, fursuiting, and fun

Event Group: South Jersey Fur Meet

Organized by: Dashingfoxie
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Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 8:30 PM South Jersey Furbowl South Jersey Furbowl Event (Bowling only) -
South Jersey Summer FurBBQ Info


Hello fellow furries! Summer is approaching and what better way to host some wonderful events, along with our furbowls, is to have a summer cookout!  Spend the afternoon eating some delicious fresh off the grilled BBQ, enjoy some table-top games, and fursuiting.

The event will be hosted in a public space with opportunities for fursuit walks and photos in the surrounding park environment.  There are some nice historic buildings around here.  Photographers, bring your camera gear! 


Saturday, June 29. 11:00am


Registration is $13 and includes the cost of a BBQ lunch.  
Please note, registration is still required even if you are NOT planning to eat.  This will help offset our
event reservation costs and fund future events.


Smiths Woods Park
39 East Railroad Avenue
Eastampton Township, NJ 08060 

Google Map link here

We will have reserved a covered pavilion.  Maximum occupancy for the pavilion is 50 people at any given time (park rules and regulations).  While we will keep this event open for larger number of people, we cannot have more than 50 under the pavilion.  If we have too many people, we may ask some of you to just hang outside.

Directions to the pavilion: Drive to the address listed above. You will reach a large parking lot.  The pavilion is located at the far end of the parking lot. 

Group communication will be in Telegram group @SouthNJ_Meets. 
Telegram chat link

Be sure to RSVP below so we can get a head count for how much food we will need to buy!
Please list ALL your food allergies as we will be purchasing required foods, snacks, drinks.
Attendee List For South Jersey Summer FurBBQ
  1. Sinclair
  2. Kiba Wolf
  3. Rowan profile
  4. dashingfoxie profile
  5. TiggyCat profile
  6. White Wolf Commando   (Bee stings (no food allergies))
  7. Nocturnal Folf   (Dairy (Lactose Intolerance))
  8. Atu profile
  9. Gibbles
  10. Dumont the Wolf
  11. Nevask
  12. Rico Ro Ni   (None)
  13. GabeFox   (None)
  14. Chris Da Husky   (none)
  15. Eli
  16. Camryn profile
  17. Akina   (None)
  18. Cooper   (None)
  19. Panzerthecat   (None)
  20. Kenzie   (N/A)
  21. Recherei   (none)
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