South Jersey Dinner at Chili's - Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 6:00 PM

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South Jersey Pre-bowl Dinner Meet

Event Group: South Jersey Fur Meet

Organized by: Dashingfoxie
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South Jersey Dinner at Chili's Info
For those who interested in joining us dinner at Chili's, prior to bowling, details as follows:



Chili's Grill & Bar
4162 Church Rd
Mt Laurel, NJ

Google Map link [here]

Dinner will be from 6pm to 8:30pm


Please join and post in the South Jersey Furries Meets chatroom on Telegram (@SouthNJ_Meets) if you have any questions.
Telegram link:

Hope to see you all there!

Be sure to RSVP below!
Attendee List For South Jersey Dinner at Chili's
  1. Kiba Wolf
  2. Zundi
  3. Sinclair
  4. Kahlil Rosario
  5. Brindle
  6. dashing foxie
  7. Jubilee Longstride
  8. Shaggy Dag
  9. Tokala Macrowolf profile
  10. TiggyCat profile
  11. Gabe Fox
  12. Panzerthecat
  13. Wynston T. Wolf
  14. Weese   (n/a:)
  15. Inktail profile
  16. Rustypaw profile
  17. James
  18. Atlas
  19. Sparo
  20. Randy Ringtail
  21. Stelly
  22. Maxamilion
  23. T J Coyote
  24. Lafayette
  25. Birt the Bear
  26. Sproo
  27. King Astro profile
  28. Andy Deadksy profile
  29. King The Wolf
  30. White Wolf Commando   (Hi! Dinner sounds great!)
  31. Roland Mezarim
  32. Jitender Kumar
  33. DJ-Salrus profile
  34. Mechsae
  35. Amarys
  36. fartmaster9000 profile   (Sounds fun)
  37. Variscite profile   (i want my baby back baby back baby back)
  38. Kalres
  39. Jim Wolfe
  40. Camryn profile
  41. Recherei
  42. Blacksilk   (Meow)
  43. Levi
  44. Crusader Cat
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