South Jersey FurBowl and Dinner FurMeet - Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 6:00 PM

South Jersey FurBowl in Mt. Laurel at Laurel Lanes

Event Group: South Jersey Fur Meet

Organized by: Dashingfoxie
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South Jersey FurBowl and Dinner FurMeet Info
Hi all! This is Dashing Foxie! I am planning to have a FurBowl set up for this summer season as well as a dinner event for those interested (prior to bowling).

For those interested in dinner (prior to bowling) it will be from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at:

401 W Route 38
Moorestown, NJ 08057

After dinner, come join us for a night of bowling.  Bring your fursuits and/or your able selves!  Come play a few rounds of bowling, and meet and greet other furries.  A changing room will be provided to allow you to change and hold any of your belongings.

Bowling will take place between 8:30pm to 10:30pm at

Laurel Lanes 
2825 NJ-73 
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Please note this bowling event does require a fee:
- All you can drink sodas and teas will be provided
- $10 if you do not plan to bowl
- $15 if you plan to bowl

Payment is to be collected upon arrival at the door, but I can also take payment prior to the event (send me a message so that I can I provide a PayPal)

Hope to see you all there!

Be sure to RSVP below!
Attendee List For South Jersey FurBowl and Dinner FurMeet
  1. dashing foxie   (yes)
  2. Kiba wolf   (will decide later)
  3. Wynston T. Wolf   (GOD YUSH)
  4. Thane   (no)
  5. Grunger   (Yuh)
  6. Sai Bree   (Nope)
  7. Shy Matsi profile
  8. V-Smok   (Undecided)
  9. Kenzie Mako   (Yes)
  10. Foulei   (Maybe)
  11. Levi <3
  12. Mazu profile   (PERHAPS!)
  13. Flinch profile   (PERHAPS)
  14. Kashi   (YES)
  15. Blade   (Ja)
  16. AlexaTheHuskyPup   (Unknown)
  17. Randy Ringtail profile   (Yes)
  18. Feathers   (Probably)
  19. Saittao Van Raiken   (Maybe)
  20. Leo DeVulpes profile   (Yesh)
  21. MattytheAkita   (Possibly.)
  22. Tyler Painter   (Yes)
  23. Angel   (Possibly!)
  24. Uri   (Yes!)
  25. Mishka profile   (Yes)
  26. Variscite   (Maybe!)
  27. Nordic Bard ( James )   (Ya I bowl sometimes.)
  28. Amedrinix profile   (Thinking about it!!~)
  29. Ampere Husky profile   (Yes)
  30. Bjorn Valentine profile   (No. Will be filming)
  31. Duskin Charm   (No thanks)
  32. Gishmo   (Mabie)
  33. Panzerthecat   (Yes)
  34. Anzu   (Nah)
  35. Anthracite   (Nope)
  36. Vani profile   (Nope)
  37. Berlin profile   (no)
  38. ZipZap   (Maaybe?? Prob not)
  39. KenzieMako profile   (Yes)
  40. I’ve made too much pasta   (Yeah)
  41. dooble   (idk)
  42. TommyCrash
  43. Tumult profile   (No)
  44. Coopertom   (Yes)
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