Atlanthro: Missed West Furfest - Friday, December 6, 2019 at 6:00 PM

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A party at Kyris' house for those who can't attend MFF

Event Group: Atlanthro Furry Meetup

Organized by: Kemfox
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Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 6:00 PM Furry Cookout with Treefox! Treefox's Grill 20
Atlanthro: Missed West Furfest Info

Missed West Furfest Party

Event date: Friday, December 6th 6 PM to Midnight

Join us for a fursuit friendly gathering at Kyris' house the weekend of MFF

The address for the meet will be pinned in the telegram group in the days leading up to the event. If you need the address prior, please message @Kyris on Telegram. 

For an invite Link to Atlanthro, message chat admins @Kyris @Kemfox @Shusky0 for an invite link.

If you can't make it to MFF but are itching for some furry fun, join us for a night of games and fursuit shenanigans on the Friday of the con. We'll have some board and card games, as well as karaoke in the form of a full Rock Band setup.

Lighter alcoholic fare such as wine coolers, beer, white claw etc. are allowed but you will be ID'd. No hard liquor or heavy drinking will be permitted.

House Rules
Keep it tidy: Any unused plates, plasticware, cups, bottles, and cans should be tossed on the spot whether they're yours or not
Keep it safe for work: Any crude or lewd behavior, dresswear, or fursuits will not be tolerated. Absolutely no public displays of affection. This includes but is not limited to cuddling, inappropriate touching or bodily contact.
Keep noise levels down: This isn't a block party, and I live in a complex with another unit just beyond the walls. Keep it down so they don't complain. For those who like to hang out on the porch when it gets crowded, do not act unruly, loud, or in any other way disturbing to the neighbors.
Keep it fun: Don't be a jerk! Enough said really.

*If you are unsure if you can make it, please do not rsvp this event.

If you have read the full fursvp please put a ! by your name.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact @Kemfox or @Kyris on telegram.

Attendee List For Atlanthro: Missed West Furfest
  1. nullhund
  2. Marius "Shusky"! profile   (If you don't awoo here you're banned)
  3. Treble!
  4. Hammy! profile   (Awoo)
  5. Bryn Bryn   (????)
  6. Vortex   (Awooooo)
  7. Skippyvee
  8. Brownee Bear A.K.A. B.B.   (Grrrr will come If nothing Happens.)
  9. Dax!   (MEOW PEASANTS)
  10. Dakota profile   (Will be horsing around!)
  11. Toff Bean profile   (Oowa)
  12. Jack "Greenie" Greenback! profile   ('Cause I don't wanna get banned by the Shusker, Awoo!)
  13. Ash   (May need a ride (will pay))
  14. Samual Xercies   ((OwO~UwU))
  15. Slaevek! profile   (Merp)
  16. Floogle   (uuuuuuuh)
  17. Zero/Leo
  18. Bean   (Bean here done that)
  19. Merritt   (Hail to the king baby!)
  20. SasukeHuskita   (Fursuit, pizza (if possible))
  21. Jigglez   (Bringing fursuit and maybe beer not sure yet)
  22. Two!   (95% chance of being late, awoo))
  23. Billy
  24. Livid!   (Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
  25. Dusky Blue   (I'll be kinda late, but whatever!)
  26. 5PRÜÇE !
  27. Freckles
  28. Keltic   (Awoo!)
  29. Daruwu   (I'm coming owo)
  30. Libra/Isaiah   (Meowzers!)
  31. Rev!   (Thank you!)
  32. Nova Arkane
  33. Vaktavious   (Chuff)
  34. Beio   (Let's! Groove Coaster!)
  35. Raleigh   (FELINES RISE UP)
  36. Strawberry Skunk   (awoo)
  37. Akio   (Karen please let me see the kids)
  38. Tweaker
  39. KiGU
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