Atlanthro Andretti Meet - Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Gathering at Andretti's in Marietta

Event Group: Atlanthro Furry Meetup

Organized by: Kemfox
Atlanthro Andretti Meet Info

Atlanthro Meet Up: Andretti's (Go Kart/Bowling/Arcade)

Event date: Saturday, July 27th, 5 PM - 10 PM
Location: 1255 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062

Telegram Info Channel:
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Feeling the need for speed? Maybe you want to win some tickets at an arcade? What's that: you want to strike some pins? Maybe laser tag? Oh, and you want to bring your fursuit, too?

Andretti's in Marietta sounds like the place to be! Atlanthro will be setting up a FURSUIT FRIENDLY meet there on July 27th and we'd love to have you attend! There'll be food, games, racing, suiting, drinks, and, of course, FUZZIES! Come by and say hello and let's have fun together!

We will gather at 5PM in the restaurant (out of suit, please). Go kart/laser tag sessions vary from time to time so come early to see availabilities (we'll call ahead to get information). Be sure to bring your own money for the services and plan to do at least ONE of the activities Andretti's offer. After 9PM the facility sets age restrictions to 18+. Alcoholic beverages are available in the venue--please drink responsibly!

As low as ~$10 and as high as ~$25
Check the website for details:

Parking may be limited; please use carpooling, ride sharing, or public transit if at all possible.

  • Fursuits ARE allowed for this event! HOWEVER, suiting while go-karting and laser tagging (if available) is NOT allowed.
    • FURSUITERS: Be sure to have a handler, be clean, be wary of your surroundings, and watch your step. There are a lot of people and you WILL need a handler to maneuver through the crowd. You can suit up either in the restrooms or in the car/outside--we recommend to have someone with you at all times.
  • Be respectful - refrain from any loud or scandalous behavior, and dress appropriately for all ages.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing/accessories if you wish to race/laser tag. This includes badges, lanyards, tails, etc.
  • Clean up after yourselves! Please dispose of any rubbish you see, whether it's yours or not.
  • Plan to do at least ONE of the activities Andretti's offer .We'd like everyone to participate and show our appreciation to Andretti's for their services.
  • If you plan to drink, be sure to have a valid ID with you. We won't tolerate people under 21 drinking alcohol at this venue.
  • If you're under 18: the venue restricts all underaged attendees after 9PM. Be mindful of this and plan your transportation accordingly!

*If you are unsure if you can make it, please do not rsvp this event.

If you have read the full fursvp please put a ! by your name.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the admins.
Attendee List For Atlanthro Andretti Meet (Bowl: 9; Eat: 20; Play: 19; Race: 17; Suit: 12; Tag: 9)
  1. Marius "Shusky"! profile   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit)
  2. Bryn Bryn   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit)
  3. Astora! profile   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit, Bowl, Tag)
  4. Treble!   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit)
  5. Xenos Blade   (Race, Eat, Play)
  6. Tate Striker   (Race, Eat, Play, Tag)
  7. Psyox! profile   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit)
  8. Peach ! (+ handler)   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit)
  9. Rain Fallen !   (Race, Eat, Play, Bowl, Tag)
  10. Maya Redwolf!   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit)
  11. Soto/Alex the Gshep!   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit, Bowl, Tag)
  12. Unuson (Jax!)   (Race, Eat, Play, Bowl)
  13. Robert Blackmon   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit, Bowl, Tag)
  14. Tenebrae   (Eat, Play, Suit, Bowl)
  15. Kyris   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit)
  16. null/monokai   (Race, Eat, Tag)
  17. Ember   (Eat, Play, Suit, Bowl, Tag)
  18. Cinna   (Race, Eat, Play)
  19. Charles   (Eat, Play, Bowl, Tag)
  20. Jake Bay   (Race, Eat, Play, Bowl, Tag)
Waitlist For Atlanthro Andretti Meet
  1. Marble   (Race, Play, Suit, Bowl, Tag)
  2. Arashi   (Race, Eat, Play)
  3. Onai!   (Race, Eat, Play, Suit)
  4. Ikiri Cross !   (Race, Eat, Play, Bowl, Tag)
This event is limited to 20 RSVPs.
At the moment there are no slots left, but you can still sign up for the wait list. If a slot opens up your RSVP will be added automatically, and we'll send you an email.
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Registration will close at 5:00 PM on Saturday, July 27, 2019.
(It is now 7:53 AM on Tuesday, July 23, 2019)
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