FWA Post Con Depression Party - Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 5:00 PM

So sorry! RSVPs are currently closed.
Post FWA furry party at Kyris' house.

Event Group: Atlanthro Furry Meetup

Organized by: Kemfox
Event Schedule
Date Title Description RSVP Max
Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 5:00 PM Atlanthro Andretti Meet Gathering at Andretti's in Marietta 20
FWA Post Con Depression Party Info

Atlanthro Meet Up: PCD Party

Event date: Saturday, May 18th, 5 PM to Midnight
The address for the meet will be pinned to the Telegram chat

Telegram Info Channel: https://t.me/AtlanthroFursChannel
For an invite to the Telegram Chat, please message an admin such as @Kyris @Kemfox @Shusky0 @nullhund @BeioBlue

Shake off your post FWA blues with a fursuit friendly gathering at Kyris' place! Feel free to show all the cool art, swag, and commissions you got at the con while we hang out over snacks and games.

Parking is limited; please use carpooling, ride sharing, or public transit if at all possible.

Fursuits are allowed ONLY in the house and on the outside porch. Do not suit down the street or near any establishments.
Be respectful - refrain from any loud or scandalous behavior, and dress appropriately for all ages.
Be mindful of fursuiters: understand their field of vision and ask before engaging them in any way.
Clean up after yourselves! Please dispose of any rubbish you see, whether it's yours or not.

*If you are unsure if you can make it, please do not rsvp this event.

If you have read the full fursvp please put a ! by your name.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact @Kemfox or @Kyris on telegram.
Attendee List For FWA Post Con Depression Party
  1. Nova Arkane
  2. Marius "Shusky"   (I will ban anyone who doesn't type "!" Here.)
  3. Pyxel   (Sniff sniff)
  4. Jaco   (Cat.)
  5. Cobbs!   (For reals)
  6. Hammy ! !!! ! ! 1 ! ! !! ! ! ! !! profile   (I am the true sniffer. Also the true good boy)
  7. KyWolfie   (Chips!)
  8. Slaevek! profile
  9. Fawxington profile   (Drinky boyos!)
  10. Willow
  11. Farren Sky-Heart “!”   (*HUGS*)
  12. Freckles
  13. Xenos Blade!
  14. Blizzard (!)   (Fox boy)
  15. Jake Bay/Ariat! profile   (Horse sense)
  16. Sasuke   (Hugs)
  17. Nezu   (!)
  18. Beo Risfang   (Oro?)
  19. NicoMalinois!!!   (MY FURSUIT)
  20. null/monokai
  21. Alex the German Sheppy   (I miss you guys <3)
  22. Neo profile   (And I love YOU, random citizen!)
  23. Croix!   (AWWW YE)
  24. Unuson (Jax!)
  25. SamTheWolf
  26. Raleigh profile   (Just Let It Happen)
  27. laith   (! metal dust all over my body)
  28. Maya Redwolf   (New Atlanta Fur :3)
  29. Ryan   (Yeen Lyyyfeee)
  30. Dax!   (I come bearing my awesomeness)
Waitlist For FWA Post Con Depression Party
  1. Rain Fallen !   (A Dax which one? Who knows.)
  2. Sakura   (Ill make an appearance)
  3. browneebear   (I,ll come after i get off work from Atlantic Station i)
  4. Misfit ( Hotdoggo !)   (Let me in ... LET ME IN !!!!))
  5. Breeze!   (I should be able to swing by!)
  6. Malec Wolgon   (Roar!)
  7. Vian (!)
Registration is currently closed
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