Atlantic Station Furry Meet - Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 3:00 PM

A fun time for everyone!

Event Group: Atlantic Station Furry meetup

Organized by: Kemfox
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Atlantic Station Furry Meet Info

Atlantic Station Furry Meetup

This is being organized as a fun meet for all to enjoy and be spooky!

Event date: Saturday, October 21st at 3pm

This event will consist of dinner, possibly ice cream, and hang out at Atlantic station GA. let us know if you would like to host an after party. Parking entrance can be found at 1830 Atlantic Drive NW. Parking is paid but cheap.

We will all meet up in the park area of Atlantic Station at Kilwin's near Entrance 5 at ground level.

Dinner will be at your place of choice on the main walkway at 4pm. You must be present for the reservations. This place is furry friendly but please do not wear your head inside the restaurant.  If there are more than 30 people attending we will discuss splitting up for dinner.
If you plan on having a drink please keep it to one or two drinks and have a designated driver.

Ice cream will be at Kilwins on Atlantic Dr NW. This will be at any time after dinner, but before 7pm.

@Kyris will be hosting the after party at around 7pm. Address will be posted when we leave for the party.
Location will be posted in the chat

*If you are unsure if you can make it, please do not rsvp this event.

If you have read the full fursvp please put a ! by your name.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact @Kemfox on telegram.
Telegram group:

Attendee List For Atlantic Station Furry Meet
  1. Farren (!)   (video games)
  2. Koze profile   (maybe)
  3. ¡døge!   (taryn, switch or just controllers if needed, alcohol)
  4. Taryn   (my suit, rumikub, spooktacular vibes)
  5. MaximizedNOVA   (Badger :VB and Taryn better bring Rumikub or else ???adger)
  6. Scrap   (bad puns)
  7. Jcrescent   (Possibly)
  8. Storm (coming maybe)
  9. Jessie Red profile
  10. Adam   (All the spooks)
  11. Brownee Bear   (Not sure /Attending After Party)
  12. Marius Alpheron   (*evil laugh*)
  13. Beio Blue   (Geimus)
  14. Kyris   (My spooky house)
  15. Hyperion   (I’m spooky)
  16. Xenos Blade (After Party)
  17. Jared <after party >   (The only thing scary I have is my face)
  18. Akio Repaw
  19. KyuuChy
  20. BetaDachi   (Stormwolf)
Waitlist For Atlantic Station Furry Meet
  1. Keets   (Not this time!)
  2. Nico!   (Nope, probably not going to afterparty. Not entirely sure)
  3. Skippyvee   (It's full? D:)
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