ATL Dine & Game Furry Meets - Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Dinner, Bowling and other fun activities!

Event Group: ATL Dine & Game Furry Meets

Organized by: Silas
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ATL Dine & Game Furry Meets Info

Hello Furiends, 

We are gathering at 5 pm for dinner at Arizona's Steakhouse, located at 2940 Stonecrest Cir, Lithonia, GA 30038.
Attendance for dinner that the venue is booked for is for 15 people, so first come, first serve on Dinner. 
Dinner is at each attendee's expense. If you are having dinner, we please ask that you be prompt and prepare to arrive on time, taking traffic into account. 
They won't seat us until 90% of people have arrived at 5 pm. We hope you will join us! 

Here is their menu: Download Menu
They have reasonably priced burgers and fries, so don't be afraid of some of the prices on the menu!

At 7 pm we are gathering at Round 1, located at: 2929 Turner Hill Rd #2800, Lithonia, GA 30038 for Bowling. 
The hosts (Luwyn, Silas, Kyris) will provide 2 lanes, and 3 games per lane. 
They allow 6 people per lane, so 12 can play at any given time. 
If you are bowling, we recommend that you switch yourselves out between games; you can watch also, or just socialize in general! 
We ask that you rent your own bowling shoes, which is $3.50 for a pair. 
Round 1 also has other entertainment options, such as Billiards, Arcade games, Karaoke, Darts and Ping Pong! So there is plenty to do. 

We hope you will join us, enjoy yourselves, socialize, and potentially make new friends! 

Waiting List for Dinner: 
Treble Doggo

Attendee List For ATL Dine & Game Furry Meets (Bowling: 16; Having Dinner: 15)
  1. Silas Salzalar   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  2. Luwyn Wusky   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  3. Xenos Blade   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  4. Kyris   (Having Dinner)
  5. Tenshi Cat profile   (Having Dinner)
  6. Brownee Bear   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  7. Squeaky   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  8. Sollux   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  9. MaximizedNOVA   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  10. Jake Bay   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  11. AlphaScout profile   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  12. Marius Alpheron   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  13. Akio redpaw   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  14. Treble Doggo   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  15. Draxima   (Having Dinner, Bowling)
  16. Rainbow trot   (Bowling)
  17. Farren Sky-Heart (Arcade)
  18. Quickstrike   (Bowling)
  19. Kevser Fox   (Bowling)
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