Fursuiting at Marietta Square! - Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 3:00 PM

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Fursuit meet at Marietta Square!

Event Group: Cinna's Furmeets

Organized by: Cinna
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Fursuiting at Marietta Square! Info
Hey all! I'm hosting a fursuit friendly meet at Marietta Square on Feb 8th!

There's plenty of shops and restaurants around if any of us get hungry!

Please keep fursuiting to the main square/park area and lets keep things PG please!

We'll meet up around 1pm!

The address is 39-75 E Park Square, Marietta, GA 30060

If you have any questions, poke me on telegram or twitter @Cinnawah
Attendee List For Fursuiting at Marietta Square!
  1. Cinna profile
  2. Rain Fallen   (*Bites*)
  3. Marius "Shusky" profile   (Awoo, y'all!)
  4. Bryn!   ((Beep beep))
  5. Vortex .3.   ((I’m a sheep))
  6. Jake Bay   (neigh and stuff)
  7. Brownee Bear A.K.A. B.B.   (Let s try this again I,m a Bear.)
  8. Ember
  9. Treble!
  10. Unuson (Jax!)
  11. Astora profile
  12. nullhund   (non suiter)
  13. Mellow !   (Pink Husky)
  14. Samuel Xercies
  15. Kyris   (:V)
  16. Peach   ((Mewwo's Bf))
  17. Ron profile   (bootleg awoobis)
  18. Manic Raccoon
  19. Hyperion   (Eagle Screams)
  20. Raleigh profile   (Keep me warm!)
  21. Roren   (Am round griffon!!!)
  22. Treefox!   (squaa and rir)
  23. Freckles
  24. Rev
  25. Crystal
  26. Shortcake
  27. Jaxo Nox (Awoo!)
  28. Fell LoneTail
  29. Kyle   (Kyle)
  30. Blue profile   (Aaaaaaaa)
  31. Faereiii
  32. Paunch
  33. Libra
  34. Sammie profile
  35. Alenia   (Blep)
  36. Toothless
  37. Daruwu   (GIVE ME HUGS)
  38. DamnWolf profile   (Woof)
  39. Kami profile
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