York Furbowl 28 - Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 8:00 PM

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Bowling, booze, lazertag and much more

Event Group: York Furbowl

Organized by: Kaahl
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York Furbowl 28 Info

Allo!  Please rsvp if interested in coming.  I may need to adjust the number of lanes we'll need based on planned attendance.

8:00pm - 1:00am
Laser Alleys
3905 E. Market St        
York, PA 17402
Fursuits are allowed!

Headless lounge room rules

1. KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON (nudity in not allowed) underarmor is ok
2. Do not mingle in the headless lounge as we are running out of room
3. stay hydrated
4. please stack your totes on tables to save floor space.
5. If you need to change into your under armor there are restrooms at other end of alley.

Bowling prices and rules!

There will group bowling from 9pm-1am again
signups will outside the headless lounge and will be $10 a person per session
session 1 8pm-10:15
session 2 10:15-1am
please sign up and pay the staff member promptly so we can get people bowling as quickly as possible


The bowling alley is a family environment, so please drink responsibly and show good manners.  I don't want to ban anyone, but I will if it comes to it i will.

SUITER WARNING try to stay in groups during the first hour or so due to heaving child activity in the bowling alley as we have had a rash of kids pulling on suits lately

Any issues please see Kaahl, Ky'tora, Ogre, Amicus,  Brennus or any other staff at the event first before going to the bowling alley staff unless its an issue with the lanes or something like that.
Attendee List For York Furbowl 28
  1. Kaahl   (staff)
  2. James Ferret profile   (Ferret Bowling)
  3. Den Dawnstar
  4. Ethan   (Hanging out)
  5. Puck   (No)
  6. Bodolf
  7. Kaida Dragon   (No. Bringing boards games!)
  8. Lomein profile   (Hanging out/hugs)
  9. ShawnBB   (Hanging out)
  10. Home (bird)   (Yes)
  11. tux   (yes)
  12. Beta   (Yes)
  13. Mitsuki Renari   (No)
  14. Sanjin Crecent Tail
  15. Brittney Snowpaw
  16. Tatsu Black Dragomir
  17. Nate/leothelion459   (Maybe?)
  18. Jackie   (No)
  19. Atlas Chai   (maybe)
  20. Vyrgo   (perhaps)
  21. Stardust   (Possibly bowling)
  22. Tuners
  23. Seth   (Hanging out)
  24. Beowolf
  25. Pweet and Sweet   (Nah)
  26. Lavender profile   (Hanging Out)
  27. Lupus   (No.)
  28. Fwoxie
  29. Kevin
  30. Darkstar   (Hanging out, bowling)
  31. Minty Mentos   (No)
  32. Amp#41205   (No)
  33. Ritsuka & Ras   (maybe/no)
  34. Leostarr Rasalgethi   (No. Suiting & hanging out.)
  35. ApolloHusky   (Probably)
  36. Smoochy Bou   (Wouldn’t you like to know? ??)
  37. Shiron Windragon   (Yes)
  38. Figment   (Unsure)
  39. Cossy
  40. Korvu   (No)
  41. Tripp profile   (Ye, and sucking at it.)
  42. Mike   (Maybe)
  43. Brennus   (Hanging out)
  44. AmoreDelPhoenix (AmorinoDelfino)   (Yes)
  45. Vek Skunk
  46. Future Wolf   (No)
  47. Amphy   (No)
  48. Ember   (Mayhaps, bringin cards against disney,looking to wear my feeties)
  49. MiLayna Swiftpaws   (Hanging Out)
  50. precookedbacon   (Drinking more than is probably wise)
  51. Blitz profile   (Hanging out)
  52. Wylie   (possibly? honestly just needs furry time l)
  53. Shane Clark   (Yess)
  54. Blizz   (Yes)
  55. LyanScott   (Yes)
  56. Gabu/Aleksovich   (Maybe/no)
  57. MoonShot   (Maybe)
  58. Milky   (Maybe)
  59. Lunar Eclipse   (Maybe)
  60. Gishy   (OwO what’s this?)
  61. NightShade   (No (will be hanging with Ember))
  62. Stray   (Bowling af)
  63. Anti   (No)
  64. Azulupei   (Yes!)
  65. Kithcannon   (Maybe)
  66. Caeline   (Just there to be my furry self and debut my partial)
  67. Charlie   (maybe)
  68. Nerky   (No)
  69. Bird   (No)
  70. Shadowfox
  71. Toon   (maybe)
  72. Nerdytalk   (Yee)
  73. Cobra   (Maybe)
  74. rayve, envy, and +1   (yes for 2/3)
  75. Xaria profile   (no)
  76. Obby   (Maybe)
  77. Yiffster and puppy   (Hanging out)
  78. Echo   (No)
  79. Asher Alexander
  80. Dovthehusky   (Nope)
  81. Skittles   (Just chilling)
  82. Jingles profile   (Mow? Po-tentially)
  83. Jem
  84. Zomby Woof   (Maybe)
  85. Shadow Cat   (Hanging out)
  86. Darius   (Yis)
  87. V. H. Hess (Miles foxy) profile   (No)
  88. Karissa   (yes)
  89. Nazzykat profile   (Yap)
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