Kookys Birthday Meet! - Friday, March 29, 2019 at 5:00 PM

This meet is for our presidents birthday! No gifts required!

Event Group: Woodstock Furs

Organized by: WoodstockFurs
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Kookys Birthday Meet! Info
Hey everyone! This event is a special one! In the midst of us trying to find a new main meet our presidents birthday is coming up! This will be Kookys 22nd! We hope everyone will be able to join us on this exciting day and have a great time! We want to make it memorable so please bring suits and other things you find enjoyable! 

***This meet will be held at Andretti's go-carts in Marietta***

Please remember to follow the rules, and to treat everyone with respect, in and out of suit! We arent sure who will be there the day of so please be prepared for anything! Drink and eat before the meet but remember to stay hydrated! 

This will be our first all ages met so please be kind to everyone! There will be furs 14 and up! Be kind and helpful to everyone, we are here to have fun!

Have access to a place to store your suit in your car or someplace else inside the building (ie a tote or box), if unforseen circumstance may happen! There will be at least 2 spare suits if you do not have one but wish to partake! Please let an admin know if you have extra suits youre willing to share or wish to borrow one! 

If you see fit to bring gfts, remember no one is making you bring one, you may ask another admin for what Kooky enjoys! 

Thanks for visiting!

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Attendee List For Kookys Birthday Meet!
  1. null/monokai
  2. Birthday Wolf (Kooky)
  3. Always heckin angry   (A candle, and single candle)
  4. Unuson (Jax)
  5. Destiny
  6. Kainaan
  7. Jake Bay (as Ariat)
  8. Raleigh profile   (Likely to be hungover)
  9. NicoMalinois   (NICONICONIIIIIIII)
  10. Audrey ((kittenkulture//Aleu))
  11. Izzy
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