10th WM Furbowl - Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 6:00 PM

10! 10! TEN! Hagerstown Area's T#NTH Furbowl!

Event Group: Fourstate Furs

Organized by: Fourstate Furs
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Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 6:00 PM Four State Furs 13th Bowling Bowling 30
10th WM Furbowl Info
10!  10!  TEN!  Hagerstown Area's T#NTH Furbowl! 

Zippy Coyote invites you to Be with us on Saturday, June 16 at Southside Bowl in Hagerstown just off of I-81 and I-70. This is a dual lane, meaning we can play tradish ten pins or those funny little duck pin bowling games peculiar to Maryland.    And... Fursuits are allowed and Encouraged!

May be the Last Time?  At least before Anthrocon....  Come meet your local furry friends, don't be a stranger in a crowded room at AC!!!

The Place:
Southside Bowl
17325 Virginia Ave.
Hagerstown MD 21740

The Timey-Wimey stuff:
Saturday June 16, at the bowling alley, 6:00 PM until 11:00 PM. 

Summer rates are in effect for this.  Only $4 for the whole evening!  For this I ask you to come to me, I'll collect your fee.  You still have to be responsible to rent your shoes though.  (Thats only $3 bucks)  Think of it... A whole evening of bowling fun for less than $10 bucks!

We will be starting to assemble later at the Bowling alley about 6PM, .    My only regret with this alley is that they're kinda weak with the arcade games, but they do have a great snack bar, and they do serve beer.  We will have at least one room to change in.  I will have a table set up where you can pay me, $4 per bowler, and possibly we will have a raffle for prizes.  All money made from this will go to an animal shelter to care for all the little puppies and kitties who have no home.

In the interest of me and Skwirl keeping our day jobs, I will finish the furbowl at 10:00 PM.  Any of you who wish to bowl later that 10 will be responsible for your own games.

Please RSVP below and remark if you will be dining, Ten-Pin or Duckpin bowling, or just visiting.  Southside Bowl is offering us the Summer rate that works out to $4 , and they are encouraging us to return, so  PLEASE!  I need this to determine how many lanes we will need!  For this occasion, I am limiting the list to 30 attendees so RSVP NOW if you're going to attend!  I promise We won't get torqued off if you RSVP and can't make it.

I do have a few simple Rules of Conduct I ask of you.  Please read them!

First, the bowling alley is a family environment, so please refrain from lewd/lascivious behavior, fighting or excess drama.  Drink responsibly and show good manners.  I don't want to ban anyone but I will if it comes to that.

Second,  I will have a sign-up sheet for those of you who will be bowling.  I request you pay me your $4  fee, and I'll take care of getting you on an alley. Please remark here if you plan on bowling Ten-Pin or Duck-pin games.

Third, You are responsible to rent your bowling shoes if you need them. In the past, Feetpaws were allowed, but Southside has recently reconditioned the lane approaches so they no longer allow feetpaws.  So bring your shoes or rent from the alley.  Shoe rent is around $3 for the night.

Fourth, I will attempt a group photo at around 8-8:30PM . Suiters and non-suiters alike. This hasn't gone well in the past, I don't like how the lighting is... Maybe I'll work something out this time. Gimme a chance!

Finally, just plain HAVE FUN!

The alley is giving us a small room for suit changing.  My only regret about this alley is that they're kinda weak with the arcade games.  However they have a nice snack bar/grill and they do serve beer.

So -- if you have any suggestions or problems, pin me down and tell me.  I will be the ragged brown coyote running around.  Just yell ZIPPY!   You can contact me, email zippycoyote at myactv.net  I am Zippy on FA, and on Telegram, Zippy Coyote ,or phone/text 301 331 3418

Be sure to RSVP below!

Attendee List For 10th WM Furbowl
  1. Angst FenWolf   (Hanging out)
  2. Suzu profile   (Tenpin)
  3. Abraham Balderas
  4. Stephen Whipple
  5. Luca   (Hang out, bowling)
  6. Valitanez   (Bowl/Hang)
  7. Kiwi Niwi   (Bowling, hang out)
  8. Shadow Bandit   (Buffet, hangout)
  9. Saba Wolfpup The Ringmaster profile   (Hanging Out, Buffet, Tenpin)
  10. Yinepumeti   (Hanging out)
  11. Charles Addison   (hangout, bowl)
  12. Zeak The Wolf   (Tenpin/hangout)
  13. Cossy   (Hangout)
  14. Rocky Red Panda   (Hang out)
  15. Shadow Wulf
  16. Dallas the German Fusky   (Hanging out)
  17. Kango Zod   (Tenpin, hangout)
  18. KodaKrome   (Hanging out)
  19. Lana Varellian   (tenpin, hangout)
  20. Yunishiki   (Hanging out)
  21. James ferret   (Bowling hangout)
  22. RainbowPaws   (Hanging Out)
  23. Saittao Van Raiken   (Hanging Out)
  24. Twich   (hanging out)
  25. THE COON!!!!   (hanging out)
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