Virtual Furskate/Bowl - Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 7:00 PM

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VRChat Meet Up! Desktop Mode Available!

Event Group: Virtual TFS Furskate/Bowl!

Organized by: The Furst State
Event Schedule
No upcoming events have been scheduled for this group.
Virtual Furskate/Bowl Info

The internet is rad and full of amazing technology! Virtual meet ups here we come!

When is it?

Saturday May 1st, 7:00pm - ??:??pm EDT

Where is it?

VRChat! Desktop mode available, no VRHeadset needed!

An instance link will be sent out when the time comes.


Please only RSVP if you plan to attend, there is a 40 capacity limit! YOU MUST SIGN UP TO ATTEND, THERE WILL BE NO PUBLIC LINK!

Please use a username that is easy to find, whether it be your telegram or twitter for us to send you the instance link!

Details about the Virtual Furskate/Bowl

The instance will open at 6:45pm, please check your dms/email.

The VRChat world is a skating rink with a bowling alley, pens to play with and music to dance along to! The world is Quest friendly!

If you can't get into the instance message on telegram @Prince_Mai, or join The Furst State Discord and tag Prince Mai there!

TFS Discord: 

We will take a group picture in front of the skating rink at 9:30pm for those interested!

It ends when folx get tired, it's virtual after all there's no closing shop!

Rules and Standards of Conduct

By RSVPing to this event, you agree to follow the Delaware Furbowl Standards of Conduct.

Attendee List For Virtual Furskate/Bowl
  1. Prince Mai profile   (Telegram: Prince_Mai)
  2. Lupine Spark   (Telegram: Lupine spark)
  3. Finian Lumino   (
  4. Leo DeVulpes profile   (@LeoDeVulpes)
  5. Chevron profile   (Telegram: @whitewolfcommando)
  6. TJCoyote   (Telegram @TJCoyote)
  7. Doodle profile   (Telegram: @imDoodle)
  8. Sal
  9. Mabel Syrup profile   (tg: @pancakewitch)
  10. KesTheWolf profile
  11. Albi   (Telegram/Twitter: @TehAlbi)
  12. Ron Overdrive
  13. Oshi profile   (tg: OshiHidra; dc: Oshi#1484)
  14. Icey
  15. TimeSuppression   (Telegram @TimeSuppression)
  16. Vira profile   (Telegram @Virasergal)
  17. TikTak   (TG @WayaOutlaw)
  18. Sparx   (TG @XterraDumbDog)
  19. Variscite profile   (Telegram: Variscite)
  20. Kindled
  21. Poofs The Mutt profile   (Poofs The Mutt#4805)
  22. Josh Thomas/ Sagey :3
  23. JesseÕkami   (@Ogjow)
  24. logan   (telegram @Logan_the_black)
  25. Kitt3ns profile   (Kitt3ns)
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