Southfurs & Music City Furs Furmeet! - Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 7:00 PM

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Bowling, Lazer tag, and more!

Event Group: SOUTHFURS

Organized by: Tudeowo
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Southfurs & Music City Furs Furmeet! Info


Date and time: September 24th

Place: 90 Volunteer Dr, Hendersonville, TN 37075 
Hendersonville Strike and Spare!

Time: 7-10 pm

Theme: ANIME 

Bowling is $6.90 for one game and $4.20 for shoe rental or $25.15 per hour unlimited games. There is also Lazer tag, roller skating, a lazer maze, and an arcade which varies in price. They also sell a wrist band for $22 which allows you to do unlimited roller skating, lazertag, and the lazer maze! 

We will also have a party room for you to store all your belongings and fursuits!

If you have any questions, feel free to dm @tudeowo @zombi3_ninj4 @gerald_foxtrot @rynnesis or @swimobe on telegram
Attendee List For Southfurs & Music City Furs Furmeet!
  1. Tude   (Yas queen)
  2. Leo the Fox   (Maybe)
  3. Samantha   (Idk)
  4. echo the wuff   (heck yeah)
  5. Vodka   (yop)
  6. Alexander   (No, but it’s my birthday:))
  7. RYNNESIS   (Yes!)
  8. Swimobe   (Heck yeah B))
  9. Jairroth   ((I wish I had one lol))
  10. Quiptie
  11. Dax   (If only! XD;)
  12. Pitchi Ochi   (Yes!)
  13. Shadow   (Yes)
  14. Techy   (Yus)
  15. Arsky Corgi   (Maybe)
  16. McGriddle   (no TwT)
  17. Keifurwolf   (Possibly yes)
  18. Octane/link   (No, I will be cosplaying though)
  19. Skylexa / Violetmoon profile   (Possibly!)
  20. Helana Dotson   (No)
  21. William Dotson   (No)
  22. Syth   (No)
  23. Bruskey Huskey profile   (Noperoo)
  24. Dumb Dog   (Yesh)
  25. Dao   (no)
  26. Koda Briar   (Yes)
  27. Zach (ZeeEssSquared) profile   (no sona, no need!)
  28. Athl0n_W0lf   (Probably)
  29. Beansie   (Yea yea)
  30. Lukida   (I wish!)
  31. Stella   (no)
  32. Riley   (Am addicted already, so yes)
  33. Bliz (Jen)   (i might for a little bit)
  34. Lane   (Sadly not)
  35. Comatose   (Nope)
  36. Grace profile   (Nope!)
  37. Ashlee Stephens   (No)
  38. Rekt   (no, sadly)
  39. Reggie   (Yes)
  40. Walsheepy   (Nope lol)
  41. Thief   (I wish :()
  42. Saros   (yep!)
  43. Kat   (i will not be)
  44. Forrest Dawn   (Yes)
  45. Felix   (No)
Registration is currently closed
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