Panzerthecat's Atlantic City 4th of July weekend meet - Thursday, July 1, 2021 at 2:00 PM

Furry meetup and beach picnic in Atlantic City for the 4th of July weekend

Event Group: Southern New Jersey Furs

Organized by: Panzerthecat
Panzerthecat's Atlantic City 4th of July weekend meet Info

Event:  Atlantic City 4th of July weekend meet

 Dates: July 1st 2021 to July 5th 2021

Where: Atlantic City

I am hosting a meetup and beach picnic in Atlantic City for the 4th of July weekend 2021. I've got a nice Airbnb booked in the Stockton University area of the city.   I'm planning on being there from July 1st to July 5th.  The Airbnb has 3 bedrooms and can sleep up to 8 people.  If you wish to room with me there you can pm me on telegram @Panzerthecat.  The room slots are first pay first serve.  It comes with free parking (when parking spots are available) and free breakfast (limit 6 guests per day).  Check in is at 2pm on July 1st and check out is 11 am on July 5th.

I've got a schedule of events that I'm planning on doing.  You can view the schedule on . Look on the bottom and click the tab labeled "Panzer's Sheet."  Do note: this schedule is subject to change based on changing Covid restrictions, weather, and other factors.  If there's anything you would like to suggest in the schedule please let me know on my telegram @Panzerthecat.  All events listed there are optional, but note that some may require buying tickets or making reservations in advance.  If I am unable to get anyone to join me for an advanced booking event I may replace that event with one that doesn't require it.

On Sunday July 4th I will be hosting a picnic on the beach.  You are welcome to bring whatever food or non-alcoholic drinks you like.  Open alcohol containers were just legalized last year for the tourism district, but I believe we will be outside of it.  To be on the safe side please don't bring any alcohol to the beach (I will update this later on if it turns out it is safe to consume alcohol in our area).  The area of the beach that we will be on should be a few blocks away from the casinos so it hopefully shouldn't be as crowded.  We will be on the beach area by Stockton University.  If you have trouble finding us I will post my live geolocation in the South Jersey Furmeet telegram chat for 8 hours starting from around 11am.  You can fursuit on the beach if you want.  Just remember that it's a beach and you may get your fursuit dirty wearing it there.

As far as parking goes if you are not arriving on July 1st I would recommend parking at one of the NJ Transit Atlantic City Line train stations and taking the train into town.  The city will probably be completely parked up.  Especially on July 4th itself.  For those without cars, but do have access to public transit can also get into Atlantic City with the NJ Transit Atlantic City Line.  Greyhound is also an option.

Vaccines are now available to everyone 12 and up.  I will recommend everyone going that can be vaccinated be fully vaccinated before attending (recommended, but not mandatory).  I will also recommend that we continue with the face masks and social distancing for the time being as per CDC guidelines.  If you happen to be sick please do not come.

For any questions please reach out to me on Telegram @Panzerthecat.

Attendee List For Panzerthecat's Atlantic City 4th of July weekend meet
  1. Panzerthecat   (burgers and hot dogs)
  2. Cinnamon Wolf   (Doofenshmirtz Quality Bratwurst)
  3. Brindle
  4. Quasai   (Some ground up turky meat)
  5. Illumination City   (Only there for one day)
  6. Fawned of Deer   (Something russian)
  7. Michael21D   (Mexican Food(Probably Bestec A La Mexicana))
  8. Arid (Sat only)   (TBD)
  9. Chevron profile   (Maybe)
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