Tabletop Tails #2 - Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Tabletop Game Night @ The Rat Burrow

Event Group: MatchaRat's Burrow

Organized by: TheCraftyKit
Tabletop Tails #2 Info

Greetings, fellow traveler, and welcome to the second official tabletop game night at The Rat Burrow. 

From this meet onward, there will be an area for those seeking a more in depth tabletop game experience and a separate room for those wanting to indulge their party game cravings. I encourage you to bring a game you want others to try out or just come along for a good time. Event begins at 7 pm and ends at Midnight.

Bringing snacks and drinks is welcome but not required, as food will be catered by Blue Moon Pizza for a $5 contribution from each attendee. This ensures you will get, at max, four slices of pizza. Specialty pizzas can be decided upon for future meets in the group chat (TBA).

As with the unpredictable nature of tabletop games, this event is strictly 18+. Alcohol is welcome, underage drinking is not. Smoking/vaping is permitted outside only. Illegal substances are prohibited (don't come in with them or on them).

=The One Rule to Rule them All=

At any time, with or without prior warning, I reserve the right to remove you off of my property should you act out in a manor that is disruptive to the intention of these meet ups or disturbing to fellow attendees. By attending this event, you agree to abide by this rule. 

Address will be given out via Telegram by messaging @InuvationStudio. If you have any further comments, questions, or concerns, please direct them my way.

See you there!

Attendee List For Tabletop Tails #2
  1. Hyperion   (Cookies!)
  2. Ula'lani   (Unsure)
  3. Slaevek
  4. Skippyvee
  5. Vlux t Kotterox
  6. Kitt   (Some drinks?)
  7. skippyfox profile
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