Scranton Furbowl #6 - Saturday, July 31, 2021 at 8:00 PM

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Bowling, Arcade, Fursuiting, and Mini Golf

Event Group: NEPA Furmeets

Organized by: Brennus
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Scranton Furbowl #6 Info

Welcome to Scranton Furbowl #6

Let's roll some bowling balls and knock down some pins!

When is the Event: July 31, 2021, at 8 PM to 11 PM. 

Where is it: Idle Hours North at 2008 Scranton-Carbondale Hwy, Scranton, PA 18508

You can bring your fursuit and wear it in the bowling center. However, you cannot bowl in fursuit!  No exceptions.

We have the party room for fursuiters to change into their suits from 8-11 PM. No unattended kids under the age of 14 are allowed in this back room where suiters are changing. We need vacate the party room by 11 PM. 

The staff at Idle Hours North and the overall community experience in the center has been exceedingly positive, and they very much want us to keep returning to their facility.  Therefore, fetish items (such as pup masks or harnesses) are not be permitted at the furbowl.


$10 - if you are bowling

$10 - if you need to change into fursuit / use the back room 

$3 - shoe rental

If extra money is left over after paying for the changing room, we will buy pizza and soda with the extra money instead of putting it towards another event.

Please pay co-host Biscuit Mutt for bowling and use of the room upon arrival as he has paid for these costs upfront.  You are responsible for paying for your own shoe rental (if you are bowling) and any food, drinks, or alcohol you wish to consume.  As we are a large group please consider buying drinks or snacks to support the bowling alley.

The group photo is at 10 PM.  So get your fluffy tails and fursuits on beforehand. (People are also welcome in the group photo)

If you choose to stay longer than 11 PM, the bowling center is open till 1 AM, though the group only reserved the lanes and room until 11 PM.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the co-hosts and staff of this event on Telegram:

@upstatefurry (Biscuit Mutt)

@LuvelyLavender (Lavender Fox)

@bun_nub (Bunjamin)

Please message the hosts for a telegram group chat / invite.

Please write down what you are doing below: bowling, fursuiting, or just hanging out so we have a tally for the center.  Thank you!!! ^_^

For those coming from further distances away, Idle Hours North is next to a Days Inn hotel.  You literally can walk to the bowling center across the parking lots.  Prices go up to about $120 a night with taxes as of this posting.  It's a decent place to stay (2 star), and offers free breakfast.  The website for the hotel is at

Attendee List For Scranton Furbowl #6
  1. Lavender profile   (Fursuitting)
  2. Bunjamin   (Furtographer, Fursuiting)
  3. Biscuit Mutt profile   (Bowling, Fursuiting)
  4. Villager   (Bowling, fursuiting)
  5. Chief n sparrow   (Bowling and suiting)
  6. Arvo the Blue Jay profile   (Fursuiting)
  7. Rama   (Suit and bowl)
  8. Drewski   (Bowling)
  9. Biodog   (Fursuiting and blowing)
  10. Fwoxie   (Fursuiting)
  11. CJFur   (Fursuiting)
  12. Shadowfox   (Fursuiting)
  13. Foxtrot   (Hanging out)
  14. Kue   (Fursuiting)
  15. April   (Furtographer)
  16. Starr   (Fursuiting)
  17. VickyGaytor   (Fursuiting, Chillin')
  18. Christopher Tomala   (Hanging out)
  19. Blitz   (Fursuiting)
  20. Draxis Wyrmtail   (Hanging Out)
  21. Funtime Wolf profile   (fursuiting)
  22. Rusty   (Fursuiting)
  23. Lynnyx   (Hanging Out)
  24. Dookly Rivers   (Bowling, hanging out)
  25. Geneec   (Bowling, hanging out)
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