Music City Furbowl - Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 7:00 PM

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Music City Furs and Southfurs' First Collaboration

Event Group: Music City Furs!

Organized by: RYNNESIS
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Music City Furbowl Info

Furbowl at the Strike and Spare!

Good evening everyone!!! We would like to announce our next meet and this is gonna be a meet with a special twist!! We are doing our very first collab with Southfurs!!!! Join us for meeting peeps, bowling, arcade games, skating, laser tag and lots more!

Location: Hendersonville Strike and Spare Family Fun Center / Circus World

Theme: Bust out those floral shirts and throw on your Lei! Our meet is going to be Hawaiian themed! 

Address: 90 Volunteer Dr, Hendersonville TN, 37075
Time and date: July 30th from 7-10 PM

Fursuiting is allowed!
Attendee List For Music City Furbowl
  1. RYNNESIS   (Yes!)
  2. Swimobe   (Croc at da Croctor :O)
  3. Aki   (Yes)
  4. Shadow   (Yes!!!)
  5. StarWing71   (Yes! With my paws and tail :))
  6. Samantha   (If its done by then)
  7. Jairroth   ((I wish I had one lol))
  8. Clovis   (In spirit)
  9. Tude   (Yass queen)
  10. Resinwolfy   (No, suit is currently being made.)
  11. echo the wuff   (ye)
  12. Olivia   (YES!!)
  13. Leo the Fox   (Maybe)
  14. Mooshi   (Perhaps?)
  15. Dax   (If only >o<)
  16. Dao   (Maybe)
  17. Athlon   (Yes.)
  18. Arsky Corgi   (Maybe)
  19. Dumb Dog   (If its not too hot :3)
  20. Alexander   (If I had one)
  21. Zinovia   (Is it formal or business casual?)
  22. Vodka   (idk)
  23. SKUDRUNNER   (Maybe a Chicken Mask)
  24. Dex   (Probably!)
  25. Lofi   (Heck Yeah I will)
  26. Richtofen   (I'm broke for that)
  27. Space-Wolf   (No)
  28. Pitchi Ochi   (Wearing my handpaws :))
  29. Razz   (No suit only ahhhhh)
  30. Blitz   (Yes)
  31. Jay   (No)
  32. Bliz (Jen)   (i might for a little bit)
  33. Joshua freiling   (No)
  34. Beansie   (Yes!)
  35. Techy   (Yes)
  36. Forrest   (Yes!)
  37. Zach (ZeeEssSquared)   (Nah, I'm just a human)
  38. Marcello   (Nyu)
  39. Ace   (No)
  40. Vayne   (I wish)
  41. Maverick   (No)
  42. Reggie   (Yes!)
  43. Xenophon {Obnoxas on tele}   (Nah)
  44. Plat   (For Photo)
  45. Syth   (No)
  46. Brak   (No.)
  47. BORISxTHExBULL   (No)
  48. Ricky Fox   (No)
  49. Crashix   (Yusss)
  50. PawTory   (Yes, Bill the blue donkey!)
  51. Alex   (Somewhat. Only have hand/feet paws and tail)
  52. ColeThePangaroo   (Partial)
  53. problemdog   (No)
  54. Dasbooten   (No)
  55. Aorpheat profile   (No)
  56. Thief   (I wish)
  57. Rekt   (Nah, just being there will be enough)
Registration is currently closed
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