Music City Furbowl - Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 6:00 PM

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Furbowl at the Strike and Spare

Event Group: Music City Furs!

Organized by: RYNNESIS
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Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 7:00 PM Music City Furbowl Music City Furs and Southfurs' First Collaboration -
Music City Furbowl Info

Good evening beans! We would like to announce our next meet! With the success of last meets venue and the positive feedback we received, we would like to announce that we will be hosting another furbowl at the Hendersonville Strike and Spare!

   Furbowl at the Strike and Spare!

Theme: Pride!!

Location: Hendersonville Strike and Spare Family Fun Center / Circus World

Address: 90 Volunteer Dr, Hendersonville TN, 37075
Time and date: June 25th from 6-9 PM

Fursuiting is allowed!

There are LOTS of activities to do here. Bowling, Arcade, Roller Skating, Lazer Tag, bumper cars, and more!! Come and hang out with us! 

Public meet! No RSVP is required but is appreciated to get an accurate headcount! 

Attendee List For Music City Furbowl
  1. RYNNESIS   (Yes!)
  2. Swimobe   (Perhaps >_>)
  3. Sebastian   (Lol not yet XD)
  4. Jairroth   ((I wish I had one lol))
  5. Renia profile   (possibly ears and a tail)
  6. StarWing71   (If I had one, yes XD)
  7. Shadow   (Yes!!!!!!!!!)
  8. SpudMilk   (Yeeee)
  9. Sudo Referwarg   (I wish I’m saving for one now)
  10. Vodka   (Maybe :V)
  11. Bliz (Jen)   (i might for a little bit)
  12. Zinovia   (I’m actually wearing a human suit at all times.)
  13. Thief   (I got a tail but that's it lol)
  14. Athl0n_W0lf   (Yes.)
  15. Nash   (Just my head)
  16. Pitchi Ochi   (No)
  17. Tude   (Yass queen)
  18. Rekt   (Nah, just being there will be enough)
  19. Dao   (yes)
  20. Syth   (No)
  21. Jay (Kiihas)   (Nah)
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