Bubble Tea and Ramen

Hello friends, peoples, and cohorts, Wanna hangout and Yam-cha? :D We get together at the Intrinsic Cafe in Newark and play games, board games, or what ever anyone wanna bring. The Cafe is a bubble tea shop which is connected to Ramen Gami. n n Any are invited and if you need directions or a ride to the meet, message me on telegram @TekkuWUrso and I'll see what I can do or help calculate a path :3 Location: Intrinsic Cafe 5 Sussex Ave, Newark, NJ 07103 (201) 618-2689 https://goo.gl/maps/FkxFJZHAKxE2 There's Wi-Fi on location. Board games are there. I will bring my TV for console games. You bring the fun and interchange of encouragement :3 Also your welcome to cosplay n n The place Fursuit friendly

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