Howl-o-ween party - Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 8:00 PM

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1st Halloween party

Event Group: Camp Hill furs

Organized by: Balthazar
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Howl-o-ween party Info
Camp Hill area furies have cordially invite you to their Howl-o-ween party.
Saturday October 26th 8 pm at The Coliseum 410 St Johns Church Rd Camp Hill PA 17011

This event can't happen without you and your friends so please share!

Bowling 4.75/game $2 shoe rental
Pool $8/hr
Arcade $1=3 cred, $5=20, $10=50, $20=120, $50=400, $100=1000

Food & drinks:
There's a bar downstairs last call 1:30, There's a restaurant on the first floor (Arena Grill) closes at 11 after 11 you will have to go across the road for McDonald's

Please RSVP bellow

Coliseum rules:
  1. -If you're bowling you MUST wear bowling shoes. Suiting is allowed and there's a room for changing. Please see Balthazar or a fellow suitor on where the room is.
  2. -No outside food or drinks
  3. -Be friendly
  4. -Be respectful
  5. -This is a family friendly environment

The group photo will be at 10 pm. If you don't wish for your picture to be taken or put on social media please tell me ahead of time so I can relay the message to photographers.
Got questions?
Telegram is balthazar13
Facebook: Nate Price (jack and zero pfp)

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to share this with your friends!
Attendee List For Howl-o-ween party
  1. Blitz is #1 profile   (Just hanging out at Coli)
  2. Starbyte
  3. Rocky red panda
  4. Pweet and sweet   (If scedule allows!!)
  5. Stardust   (Possibly)
  6. Darkstar   (Possibly)
  7. Caeline   (Maybe)
  8. Olives suck!   (Hmmmm....)
  9. RoamingWulf profile   (If it was explained, sure)
  10. Angie Foster
  11. Zero
  12. Opia   (Yes)
  13. Softpaw   (no)
  14. Feza
  15. Leostarr Rasalgethi   (No)
  16. Leo's handler   (No)
  17. Grice   (Possibly)
  18. rat (and leo the service dog)
  19. Brennus   (Hanging out)
  20. Ness
  21. Puck   (Hanging out)
  22. Sykes
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