New Mechanicsburg Furbowl - Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 8:00 PM

ABC West lanes

Event Group: Mechanicsburg furs

Organized by: Balthazar
Event Schedule
No upcoming events have been scheduled for this group.
New Mechanicsburg Furbowl Info
Hello my name is Balthazar I am the event coordinator for the New Mechanicsburg Furbowl! I want to make this as fun as possible for my fellow furs.

The event starts at 8 pm on Saturday April 27th and will operate on opposite months of the York furbowl. 
- Yes it's okay to arrive early to talk with fellow furs
- We ask you to be nice to fellow furs, if you can't be nice you will be asked to leave for that night.

ABC West House rule
-Suiting is allowed, if you are bowling you MUST wear bowling shoes.

Got questions? My telegram is balthazar13

Thanks for visiting!

Be sure to RSVP below before Wednesday the 25th so I can get a tail count.
Attendee List For New Mechanicsburg Furbowl
  1. Dakarai Baarde   (Hanging out)
  2. Seth   (Hanging out)
  3. The Chicken Wing   (Bowling)
  4. Beta Wolfpup   (Both)
  5. Blitz profile   (Hanging out)
  6. BGS   (Hanging out (2 people total))
  7. Zing   (Doing deer things)
  8. Saittao   (Hanging out)
  9. ZeakTheWolf   (Hang Out (maybe bowl))
  10. Hex   (Chillin)
  11. Angel Clarke   (Bowling)
  12. Avery plus 3
  13. Toby floof   (Bowling)
  14. Brennus   (Hanging out)
  15. Rocky Red Panda profile   (Hanging)
  16. Puck   (Hanging out)
  17. Tucker (maybe)   (Bowling)
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