Maryland Furbowl I - Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 7:30 PM

Maryland Furs presents a furry bowling meet!

Event Group: Maryland Furbowl

Organized by: Sylox
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Maryland Furbowl I Info

Maryland Furs is proud to present, Maryland Furbowl I, the 1st official furbowl brought to you by the great folks at Maryland Furs. We are pleased to announce that fursuiting will be allowed and we encourage people to do it.

A reminder to those that do fursuit, you will be required to wear bowling shoes if you plan on bowling. 

You can contact Sylox on Telegram at @SyLoX


Crofton Bowling Centre
2115 Priest Bridge Drive
Crofton, MD 2114

Date & Time

October 20, 2018; 7:30pm to 9:30pm


  • Bowling: $20. This includes bowling shoe rental and unlimited bowling for 2 hours. 

  • Non-Bowling:  No cost. However feel free to donate to MDFurs or buy a concession from the bowling alley.

You must pay using the PayPal link listed below.

When you pay, please list your name (real or furry) in the note section, this allows us to keep track of who has paid. Please make sure the name you list on there is the same one you list here. Again, this is to help us keep track of everything!!!

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Attendee List For Maryland Furbowl I
  1. Cossy
  2. Katy Buter   (Hangout)
  3. Patrick   (Both)
  4. Audrey Cunningham   (Hangout)
  5. Waseri   (Both)
  6. Jem Nighthawk
  7. blade the rad fox   (hang)
  8. Fenrir Evergreen   (bowling)
  9. Levi <3   (Hangout)
  10. Ray/Foxxy   (Hangout)
  11. FluffMawnster   (Hangout)
  12. Patrick   (Bowling)
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